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Ribbon Fatigue?

Apparently, “World Autism Day” happened this year on Saturday, April 2. People were asked to light their houses blue (not sure how… go buy special outdoor lights and point them at the house, maybe? Change all of the bulbs in … Continue reading

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Question of the Day

Do you have a favorite charity or cause? What is it?

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Charity or Deduction?

I have a question about Christmas Gifts.  Now that we’re well past the recent “gift-giving season”, and far enough away from the next one, I think this is a good time to bring this up. What is your stance on … Continue reading

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Recycle Your Christmas Cards

I have a soft spot in my heart for any organization that helps kids, so St. Jude’s is right up there.  I just got an e-mail reminding me about their “Recycled Christmas Card Program”, and I plan to do it … Continue reading

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Unwanted calls

I don’t know what it’s about lately but boy, have I ever been getting a LOT of computerized calls. I have to say for the most part, a lot of the unwanted calls aren’t around much anymore. Remember all the … Continue reading

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