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Free Chat Thursday

Nikki has the day off today. Being it’s Bailey’s birthday, they are all out doing fun things today and I told her I’d do that chat today. I don’t really have much news. It was a long weekend last which … Continue reading

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Pull up a Chair

Welcome to our little corner of the web.  I decided that this week, I didn’t feel like making coffee or tea, or baking (unusual for me, I know), or even clearing off a table.  So I reserved a spot in … Continue reading

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Grab a Spot at the Table

Welcome to our little corner of the web.  Grab a spot here at the table, there’s plenty of room. Drinks are over there on the counter, we’ve got milk and several kinds of juice.  Hot coffee and water for tea … Continue reading

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My Name is Bill, and I’m a Textaholic

I know I’m going to sound like Seinfeld here, but… what’s the deal with Texting? I mean, seriously, people. Can you NOT stay away from the keyboard for five blessed minutes? I know people who text all…the…time. While they are … Continue reading

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Pull up a Camp Chair

Welcome to our little corner of the web. Grab a spot here by the fire. There’s plenty of room for your camp chair. There’s a cooler over by that Oak Tree, it’s filled with ice cold beer. The one by … Continue reading

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Pull up a Chair

Welcome to our little corner of the web.  Pull up a chair.  Coffee’s on, and the water is heating for tea.  There’s plenty of soda and ice water, as well.  I’ve made scones, and the guacamole for the chips is … Continue reading

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Happy 2nd Blogversary

Happy 2nd blogversary to us. It’s been 2 years since we’ve opened up shop. 2 years. I can’t really believe it. Well, I can actually but it seems longer to me. Paul thought it was our first and I thought … Continue reading

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Free Chat Thursday

Well happy Thursday folks! Grab your coffee, tea or whatever you like to have and sit down for a chat! We’re almost there, another weekend right around the corner. Any plans? We don’t have too many plans. No plans as … Continue reading

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What are postcards?

Here’s a little laugher for you. I went to my town, size SMALL, for a post card the other night because I wanted to put it in the little box for one of the little buddies I was shipping off … Continue reading

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Kid’s Questions

Today must be my day for in depth questions from my kids and good stuff coming in the mail!  This morning I picked Christopher up from preschool as usual.  I asked how his day was and he said, “Fine mom.  … Continue reading

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Slow eaters

In my family, we are notoriously slow eaters.  If there is a Froom at the table, it’s a toss up who will be sitting there last.  I have to say that right up there on top are my dad and … Continue reading

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My promise to you

I’m really trying to be better with this whole blog world!! I see how much time and effort my dear mom in law puts into this. I could never do all the things she does and really this is ALL … Continue reading

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Question of the day

How many different conversations can you adequately carry on at the same time?

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Stupid questions and why do we ask them?

I gave my husband fair warning that I was going to write this post.  The other night I’m not sure who would have won the “stupidest question” award. I’d said something about my bedroom and he asked me “your bedroom … Continue reading

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