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The other day I got an order from Target. I was giving my bathroom a little “change” and could only find some of the things I wanted online so off away to order I went. This is what came. One … Continue reading

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If you are at all into Political Correctness, you should probably leave now and go browse Lolcats. Otherwise, you have been warned. Somewhere around the 1800’s, there was a hospital in England called “Bedlam.” It was a mental hospital, and … Continue reading

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A Party Fit for a Princess?

Ok people, I have to preface this by saying that I checked out how much it would be to have a McDonald’s birthday party for Josh, and nearly choked at the $130-$150 price tag.  So this video almost put me … Continue reading

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The Standard of Harassment

I rarely want to call radio shows.  But when I heard this story being discussed on two separate shows, I found myself talking to the radio, nearly screaming at it, and stomping around my kitchen, slamming pots in my indignance.  … Continue reading

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Live In Fear

This has GOT to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve read in a long time.  Ok, in a very short time, since I also read, a week or two ago, about the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) requesting a complete … Continue reading

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A big fat fail!

This was just to good not to share. “Cedar Rapids police say an Illinois man stiffed a cabdriver out of his fare — which is illegal — and then left his wallet behind in the cab — which is stupid. … Continue reading

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Well, it’s the Morning After, and I’m sitting here thinking, “THAT’S what we were arguing about?  THAT’S the big, nasty, controversial ‘Tebow-ProLife Ad’???  You have GOT to be kidding me.” To catch up, in the last two weeks, the internet … Continue reading

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Obama To Be Briefed

The Obama administration today released details of a sweeping plan to address the shorts coming in security as a result of this weekend’s attempt by a Nigerian man to drop a load by exploding his underwear. Administration officials indicated they … Continue reading

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Humor in the News

Today, I thought I would bring to you some of the humor that greeted me this morning. Each morning, I listen to the radio a little, surf a little, and read a little.  Most of the time, whatever I find … Continue reading

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The Creeping Terror

A school in New Jersey has narrowly avoided disaster.  Unbeknownst to the administrators, terror lurked in the hallways, stalked the children as they went about their daily duties.  Slowly, quietly, it crept, moving from the playground in the morning, to … Continue reading

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Common Sense Takes Another Hit

So I’m sitting here, innocently enjoying my morning Chai Latte (mmmm…. Oregon Chai…..sorry, A.D.D.), and I hear a story on the news about a school in Atlantic, Iowa, up in arms about a strip search that had been performed on … Continue reading

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Is This For Real?!

“HUTCHINSON, Minn. — A Hutchinson man may be charged with drunken driving after apparently driving his lawnmower to a convenience store to buy gas and more alcohol. Authorities say witnesses say the 42-year-old appeared intoxicated when he bought beer Thursday … Continue reading

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Question of the day

What’s the dumbest purchase you’ve ever made?

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What constitutes being dumb???

Around here we all like Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader.  Paul, I and my brother Darryl really like it.  When I know he’s coming for the weekend, I’ll save a couple weeks episodes just so we can watch … Continue reading

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