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A Lesson Learned?

I had to stop by the high school in our neighbor town today, and as I approached the front door, I noticed a student sitting on the bench outside. He seemed like a nice kid, he greeted me with a … Continue reading

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What do you guys think of this? Should teachers be prevented from having private relationships with their students? I have a few opinions and concerns but I’ll put mine in the comment area. I want to know what you guys think … Continue reading

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Old Glory Takes Another Beating

Frankie Girard is an 11-year old by from Orange, Massachusetts. One day, he noticed that another child (a Jehovah’s Witness) in his class was not saying The pledge with the rest of the class. So Frankie asked him why he … Continue reading

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The Things We Do For Shoes

An unidentified high school boy in Florida has been asked by his principal to not wear his signature high-heels to school.  According to the news report, this young man wears the shoes because they “make him feel more confident.” But … Continue reading

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Can we blog about whatever we want to?

When I was reading through the news when I got up this morning, this is an article I saw and it really left me wondering. I keep thinking “well, on the other hand” and “if it were my child” or “it’s … Continue reading

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Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huck Finn’s now politically correct!

Okay all. I know we normally don’t post on Friday’s but since this is such big news, I wanted to see if anyone wanted to talk about it. I got this from here. “A new edition of “The Adventures of … Continue reading

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Happy Friday All. Here’s to another Friday. I hope the week has been good to you. We’ve had illness, hurricane force winds and now freezing temps. We had snow on Wed morning. It didn’t stick and it was pretty. It’s … Continue reading

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About a Booby… and not the bird

I’m kinda on the fence on this one. “Boobies” have made themselves into quite a controversy in schools of late.  Kids across the country are showing up with bracelets that say “I ♥ Boobies “, and they’re causing quite a … Continue reading

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First Day of School

From time to time, I’ve bragged on Josh’s school.  I try not to, because I don’t want to be one of those moms… “Oh, OUR school is the best!  Oh, MY kid is tops!”   But sometimes, you have to toot … Continue reading

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Condom Outrage

Veterans Memorial Schools in Provincetown, Massachusetts, has unanimously passed a controversial new school policy.  All students, regardless of grade or age, will have access to free condoms.  All they have to do is ask.  And when they do ask, they … Continue reading

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Free Chat Thursday

I have to be honest….I don’t have a whole lot to talk about this week! Nothing  crazy or exciting has happened. Unless you count the Twins winning the season home opener. Now that was exciting but I know not everyone, … Continue reading

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Free Chat Thursday

Morning all! I’m just a mixture of emotions this week. I apologize if this gets too negative Nelly on ya! Laura’s post from some time ago , When Tragedy Strikes, keeps coming back to me. I’m sending you to the part II of … Continue reading

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Too Much, Too Soon?

Meet David Sills, Jr.  David is in middle school, a seventh grader in Delaware who loves to play football.  And he’s entered into a verbal agreement with USC to play for them in 2015. I was all set to be … Continue reading

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Principals Behaving Badly

Welcome to the latest installment of “Principals Behaving Badly”.  Up for discussion today, I give you the vice-principal of Millennial Tech Magnet Middle School, near San Diego.  He called for a school evacuation, as well as bringing in police, fire-rescue … Continue reading

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Doing what’s right for ALL the kids

I’ve always stood behind public schools. Maybe because I worked in one for so many years. Maybe because I’ve had pretty good luck with them and my boys were happy there “for the most part.” I’m not really sure. It … Continue reading

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Tough Love

Most people nowadays think it improper to spank children, so I have tried other methods to control my kids when they have one of “those moments”. One that I have found very effective is for me to just take the … Continue reading

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An Invasion Of Privacy?

This was on our news on something called Inside The Box and I wanted to know what everyone thought about it. “A teacher in Northfield, MN is now changing a method he used to help motivate his students. After a test, … Continue reading

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Mom’s getting schooled (SKL)

With my 2 daughters rounding age 3, they are now “preschoolers.”  This fall, they transitioned from a nanny’s care to a well-regarded preschool/daycare near my home.  I was pretty excited by many good things about the school – the academic … Continue reading

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The Creeping Terror

A school in New Jersey has narrowly avoided disaster.  Unbeknownst to the administrators, terror lurked in the hallways, stalked the children as they went about their daily duties.  Slowly, quietly, it crept, moving from the playground in the morning, to … Continue reading

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Bikes to school by SKL

How many of you walked or biked to school as kids? My family always lived close enough to walk to all of our schools.  It would have been fun to bike, but even when all of us had a bike … Continue reading

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Question of the Day

What activity would you love to learn, if you had the time and money to do it?

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Common Sense Takes Another Hit

So I’m sitting here, innocently enjoying my morning Chai Latte (mmmm…. Oregon Chai…..sorry, A.D.D.), and I hear a story on the news about a school in Atlantic, Iowa, up in arms about a strip search that had been performed on … Continue reading

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Teacher accused of slapping a boy

I was going to write a post about this and then I came across this “Good To Know” segment that Don Shelby had and I really couldn’t have said it better myself. “A story Wednesday night got a lot of … Continue reading

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Should We Keep Exploring Space?

Should we keep exploring space? This was on Good Question the other night on the 40th anniversary of the first landing of men on the moon. I don’t really have an opinion on this. I’ve never really given it a … Continue reading

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