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Beach Behavior

What was the worst beach behavior you have ever seen? Is it a beach fashion faux pas–like speedos, white see-through bathing suits, or thongs? Or bad beach and pool etiquette like blasting loud music, littering or smoking? What gets on … Continue reading

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Get It Right or Go Home

Most of you know that I’m a musician. Went to school for it and everything.   Because of that, I’ve spent a lot of time through the years teaching many young men and women to play music.  To read the notes, … Continue reading

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Embarrassing, but Worthy of a Lawsuit?

If you haven’t watched the video that has gone viral, in a nutshell, a woman is walking and texting in a mall.  Obviously, she’s not paying attention, and she trips over a low wall and ends up in the pool … Continue reading

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A Presidential Quandary

What do you think of the “New” Oval Office? It is the President’s prerogative to redecorate ‘his’ office, and it’s pretty common occurrence.  Each president is entitled to put his stamp on the room where he will be working, where … Continue reading

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Uh oh, look what I found-my dirty little secret

I have a big confession to make. I’m notorious for this. I hate to admit it but here goes. I put things in my cupboards and my fridge that seem to turn invisible as soon as they go there. I … Continue reading

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What is a role model?

You know, when this first came on the news, I thought so what, who cares. It’s none of our business and it shouldn’t be news. Tiger Woods! I figured something was up. Who’s driving like that in their driveway in … Continue reading

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