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Too Many Warnings

It had to happen. Sooner or later, the news had to come out. That Joplin, MO was nearly eradicated earlier this year was a tragic event. The news that came out recently – that the sirens were ignored by many … Continue reading

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Be Prepared

I thought this was something all of us should be thinking about. If not actually doing it, at least thinking about it and knowing where all this stuff is.

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Some Good News, For a Change

I couldn’t improve on this article, so I copied it from, and posted it here, in its entirety.  It was written by Christopher Elliott on Jan. 10, 2011. It’s easy to be an airline industry critic in an era … Continue reading

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What do you all think?

Okay guys. Let’s play judge and jury. What do you think? Should this guy get a ticket or not? Why or why not? “LONDONDERRY, N.H. – Their son wasn’t going to wait to be born, so John Coughlin rushed his … Continue reading

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Gotta Pay to Play

This story is sad and appalling.  Gene Cranick lives in rural Tennessee, where there is no fire protection district, like many of us are accustomed to.  His taxes do not go to support the closest fire department, but that department … Continue reading

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What Would You Do?

For some of us, the idea of being buried alive is a deep-set phobia.  For 33 men in Chile, it’s a reality.  They became trapped on Aug. 5th when an earthquake collapsed parts of the mine around them, trapping them … Continue reading

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To Pay or Not To Pay

I live in an area where there are a lot of “roller dams”.  They’re not as big as the ones in that link, more like the one that’s in the picture, just so you have a point of reference. Last … Continue reading

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Free Chat Thursday

Well, we made it another week. 🙂 Tornadoes ripped across Minnesota on last Thursday evening, killing at least two people and injuring dozens more as homes were flattened, trees toppled and a gas station destroyed in the town of Wadena, … Continue reading

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To fat to fly?

When this first became news I wasn’t going to write about it. I know we are, well a lot of us are anyway, trying to lose weight and I didn’t want to rub salt into any wounds but it’s just … Continue reading

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When Tragedy Strikes, part II

Previously, we discussed what TO do when a friend or family member experiences a family tragedy.  How we can help, how we can lighten the load, ease the myriad and intense feelings that accompany such an event. But for every … Continue reading

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When Tragedy Strikes, part I

As most/all of you know, almost two years ago, now, my husband Steve was in a near-fatal car wreck which left him blind.  His recovery was spent in two different hospitals over the course of a month, followed by nearly … Continue reading

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What happened and how I am

Hi All. I thought today I would make things a little more personal. Let you know what happened to me last week and how I’m doing now. Notice my gorgeous flowers on the right sent to me by our Laura. … Continue reading

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No parking ANY TIME….this means YOU!

Paul and I went shopping last night to one of those warehouse type places. We didn’t need a bunch of stuff but since we were in town, we thought we’d run in and pick up what we were out of.  … Continue reading

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Presidents TV coverage

Most of you that read here often know that I didn’t vote for Obama. This isn’t about that at all. Not in any way. This is just something I’d like to know if it’s just me or if other people … Continue reading

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May 6….Tornado Day

  I was in one of the worst tornado’s in my state’s history and I have never gotten over it.  Fridley, MN.  I posted this a year ago today and plan on reposting it every May 6.   I tried … Continue reading

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Question of the day

What’s the most serious illness or injury you ever faced?

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Question of the day

How do you typically react in a sudden, extreme, pressure-filled crisis?

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Operating a car and “fixing it.”

I might be embarrassing myself but I’ve done that many, MANY times before and I’m used to it but I wanted to ask if you women out there can change a tire?  Have you ever used jumper cables?  Can you … Continue reading

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Kitchen oil fire

Please take 35 seconds to watch this video.  It could save your life and your home.  My dad was a fireman and I’ve always been afraid of (respected) fire.  Please watch and remember.    

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