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Are your favorites coming back?

A good friend of mine put this on Facebook and I thought it was pretty cool. Check it out. Are your favorites coming back? Are you excited about any? Disappointed abut any?

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Parmesan Potatoes

I love these potatoes. They are my enemy, of course, being neither low-fat nor carb-free. But for fancy occasions, like Thanksgiving or Christmas (or a “snack” on a saturday because I’d sit down and eat the entire pan in one … Continue reading

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Dream Vacation

Imagine that money was no object. What is your dream vacation? Travelocity survey reveals family dream vacations.

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Awesome Product, Unfortunate Name

I have another blatant plug. I should start getting paid for these, but, alas, it shall never happen. Oh well. Won’t stop me from telling people about stuff I love. Men, you’re likely not going to care about this. Here’s … Continue reading

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The Men’s Turn

Joy did a post recently called “Who are the great beauties?“, and I got to thinking… why not do one of the men, too? So I did the Google thing, and was surprised that, while many “classic” women, like  Grace … Continue reading

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One of my favorite episodes

The end of this one makes me cry every single time. I know it’s long but watch the last 4 minutes or so if you care to and are able. Sometimes I wish I lived back then.

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Charlie’s Angels

So, will you guys watch? Did you like the old one? Check this out for old times sake and the new ones are here too. Also, Dallas will be coming back on next summer. Take a peek here. I’ll never … Continue reading

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Add to the picnic basket

Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going on a picnic here. Can you believe it Laura? Ireland! Click the picture to see many more details. Here’s the thing. What do you want to add to the basket? Try and add … Continue reading

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Our Favorite TV Crime-Solving Duos

Check this out. Is your favorite crime solving duo here? Who’s your favorite from the present and who’s your favorite from the past?

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How many do you own?

The average woman owns 7 handbags. 19% say they use their purses as a distraction to hide behind on fat days, 16 % use it as a security blanket, and 30% feel bag envy. The purse in the post is … Continue reading

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What’s yours?

Like music and smells, certain meals or dishes are forever emblazoned on our taste buds, and elicit special memories whenever we take a bite. Whether it be grandma’s apple pie or a truly unforgettable lobster bisque from that trip to … Continue reading

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I think we’ve talked about this before but we have so many new people now I thought it would be fun to do it again. You know Nikki and I like Paula Deen and I came across this today on … Continue reading

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True Romance

Any to add that you think should have made the list? What are your favorites?

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This is where I want to be at this very moment. In fact, if I close my eyes and try hard enough I can feel the cool breeze off the ocean water,  the warm sun shining on my face, and … Continue reading

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Pull Up a Cuppa…

I figured, since most of us are firmly entrenched in the wicked cold blast of Winter, that we could use a nice hot cup of… whatever floats your boat.  So today, I’m bringing you a little inspiration for warmth.  I … Continue reading

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Good Question….Brand names

I thought this was a really good question. Brand names. Do they make you feel better? I’ll admit that there are some name brands that I really like and then for other things, I could care less. I think we’re … Continue reading

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Question of the Day

Chicken: white meat or dark meat?  AND… what’s your favorite way to have it prepared?

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Product Review: Wilton Cake Release

I love this stuff. As you guys know, I do a lot of baking.  I love making and decorating cakes, especially, and making those cakes from scratch.  It’s a lot of work, but also a lot of fun and gives … Continue reading

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Question of the Day

Who is your favorite artist & painting?

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Another Blantant Product Review

I promise, I’m not going all “Environmentalist Wacko” on you.  But I have always been a “Practical Greenie”.  I believe in conserving resources, growing my own food or buying as much as I can locally, not using pesticides unless I … Continue reading

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Look what I found

I think most of you know that I’ve been working on cleaning up my house and getting rid of a lot of junk I’ve accumulated over the years. I’ve gotten a lot of closets and cupboards cleaned out and I … Continue reading

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Why Are Jingles So Catchy?

Anyone seen this?? Now, if you can listen to that jingle and not have it get stuck in your head, I envy you. My youngest grandson sings this NON STOP and I can’t help but find it hilarious. He’s also … Continue reading

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Tough Guys

After we watched Bonnie and Clyde a week or so ago I’ve gone back to that movie channel just to see what’s on. I love those old movies. Today I saw a “tough guys” marathon coming up. It mentioned a … Continue reading

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Who watches Soap Opera’s? Or should I ask, who will admit to watching them? My mom never watch soaps but my grandma watched a couple. I can remember watching General Hospital with her when I was just a child. I … Continue reading

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How do you sleep?

I’ve had trouble staying asleep for the last couple of months and I wondered if this is normal. For the better part of my life I’ve had trouble falling asleep. I can remember when I was in school, I would … Continue reading

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