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Santa Clause and Grandma

This story came to my inbox from a friend in Texas. I wanted to share it with all of you. THIS is one of many reasons why I believe, and I always will. I remember my first Christmas adventure with … Continue reading

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Made in the U.S.A.

Food Gifts from the 50 States. I thought this was so cool to look at. What gift is from your state?

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Asking for Gifts?

How do you ask for gifts? DO you ask for gifts? I’m not talking about wedding gifts, or baby gifts – events that traditionally are accompanied by a registry. Or even Christmas Gifts, where some families ask for a “wish … Continue reading

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These are super easy to make and really add a fun and casual feel as either a centerpiece at your dining table, or as decoration for your doorstep! And the best part about these shoe planters is that you probably … Continue reading

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Saving your good stuff

This subject reminds me of my grandma. She NEVER used the new things we gave her. She always said she was going to save them for company but she didn’t use them for company either. She was so funny. I … Continue reading

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How to Make A Bow

I figured, since I griped and whined about the evilness of Gift Bags, and said that making a bow was simple, that I should put my money where my mouth is, and show you just how easy it is. Those … Continue reading

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At what age….

I was over at Mom Logic reading one day and was thinking back to when my kids were younger and they still liked to make things for people. Bookmarks or play-dough pots or pop-cycle stick picture frames and I remember how much fun … Continue reading

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Gift Bags: Bane of my Existence

I hate Gift Bags.  Don’t get me wrong, I love getting gifts.  I just hate when they come in bags.  Why?  Because I (and everyone else, it seems) feel compelled to save those stupid bags that I’m never going to … Continue reading

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Homemade or Not?

I was going to make this a Question of the Day, but I had three or four questions squished together, and couldn’t figure out how to make it short and sweet.  So it’s a post instead… It’s about Christmas gifts.  … Continue reading

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So.  Monday was a hectic day, but not unmanageable.  I had a bunch of laundry to do, I had to go beat the hardware guy about the head and chest with a rubber hose because my lawn mower part STILL … Continue reading

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This post is going to have a lot of pictures and some of you won’t be interested but I just have to GUSH about my new stuff. I met this super nice lady/girl/woman on some of the old blogging family’s … Continue reading

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Charity or Deduction?

I have a question about Christmas Gifts.  Now that we’re well past the recent “gift-giving season”, and far enough away from the next one, I think this is a good time to bring this up. What is your stance on … Continue reading

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Look what I got

I got something special in the mail yesterday. Look what Michael (mssc) sent to us. He and his two “new” kids went and picked the blackberries and his lovely wife Bonnie made the jelly. Look at these pictures. Here’s how it … Continue reading

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Would you pawn your stuff?

I’m a very sentimental person and I get very attached to “things.” I’ve got all my boys teeth and even saved Jason’s braces.  Yes, I know….eeewwwww.  I just can’t throw things like this away.  I even saved the cast from … Continue reading

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The Art Of Hunting A Pegasus (Jen Henry)

I had promised a followup to my previous post and have yet to do so. I’ll be the first to admit that I had never hunted for a Pegasus before. I wasn’t sure what conditions they preferred or the best … Continue reading

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The Request for the Pegasus (Jen Henry)

Over the Thanksgiving holiday Catherine and I sat down to make out her letter to Santa. Like any good ‘real’ mother/daughter experience, the event was a lot less “Hallmark-esque” and a lot more set in reality, with the two of us … Continue reading

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Question of the Day

Do you give or get the same gift every year for Christmas?

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My T-Shirt from Kari Ann (Kweenmama)

I won a T-Shirt over at Kweenmama’s Kastle and I just had to share it with you.  I absolutely LOVE it. Of course I had to get my Vikings purple. I just love my new shirt.  When I showed it to the kids they … Continue reading

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Question of the Day

Did you ever peak at your Christmas presents when you were a child, and do you still???

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