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Waiting in line

This was the Good Question the other night and it got me to wondering. What are you willing to wait in line for? I guess for some things, what are you going to do? If you need to renew your … Continue reading

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Can you even imagine a $$33,000 mattress? Check out this Good Question. You’d think it would be filled with gold dust. Do you think a mattress affects the way you sleep? I do. Before I got my new mattress, I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Do Vacations Make Us Happier?

When this Good Question came on it’s funny because I think it was right around the time when Laura was getting ready to go on her vacation and somehow I lost track of it. It’s “Do vacations make us happier?” … Continue reading

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Laundry Secrets

Are you just a “throw it all together” type of doing laundry person or do you sort and pre-wash things? Are you persnickety about it? How much elbow grease do you put into your laundry? Do you pre-wash anything? Do you let things soak … Continue reading

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Summer Fun

Do you have any special childhood memories from things you did in the summer? We rented a cabin for a week each summer in Ely, Mn and I’ll never forget the things we did there. They were really cute little … Continue reading

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Do you remember NOT having a remote?

I really don’t recall having a remote for our TV until I was a young adult. When it was reported that Eugene Polley, inventor of the remote died last week, I never knew the first remote came out in the 50’s. … Continue reading

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Does Whitening Toothpaste Really Whiten Your Teeth?

This was a Good Question the other night and I thought it was kind of interesting. There were a couple of things I didn’t know. First of all I had no idea that there were 352 distinct types or sizes of … Continue reading

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How Often Should We Wash Towels, Sheets?

How often do you change your sheets? Wash your towels, wash cloths, dish towel or dish cloths? Here is the Good Question from the other night. I love to have clean fresh sheets every week but I’ll admit I wait two … Continue reading

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How Important Are Expiration Dates?

Okay. We have “use or freeze by,”  “best by,” and “sell by.” What do they all mean? If something is on your shelf and something expired a day ago, would you just throw it away? Here is the Good Question. I … Continue reading

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Is The Fridge A Saver Or A Spoiler?

I saw this Good Question and couldn’t help but think how different we all are and who keeps certain things in the fridge and who doesn’t. I think this is partly learned behavior because most of the things I keep in … Continue reading

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Weather Warnings

This was the Good Question the other night. Are there too many weather warnings? What do you think? I don’t even know what some of these warnings mean. “The list is impressive. In Minnesota, we see: flash flood warning, flood … Continue reading

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What Really Makes Us Laugh?

This was an infectious story and I found myself laughing along with most of the stuff they laughed about too. I’m not sure what makes me laugh. I know that if I had to say the things that Paul and … Continue reading

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Your thermostat

Here was another great Good Question that was on the other night. How do you use a thermostat efficiently? I got a kick out of the story. The woman went around behind the man and every time he turned it … Continue reading

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Should Organ Donors Be Paid?

This was the Good Question the other night and I thought to myself, why not? What do you think? Do you think you should be able to accept money for an organ?

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Do College Coaches Have Too Much Power?

After the Penn State ordeal, do you feel coaches have too much power over what goes on in colleges? Who do you feel should be in charge? Do you think colleges should be more about learning and less about sports? … Continue reading

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Person of Interest

Have any of you see the new tv show called Person of Interest? It’s about these two guys, Mr. Finch (Michael Emerson) and John Reese (Jim Caviezel). They are able to see if something BAD is going to happen in public government camera’s … Continue reading

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Language immersion schools

What do you guys all think about this? I do know quite a few Canadian parents who chose to immerse their kids in French schools but I’m not familiar with all of these languages. What a huge choice. What other languages … Continue reading

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Which Is Worse For You: Cold Or Heat?

Here’s a Good Question for everyone. What do you think? What’s the hardest thing for you to deal with? The heat or the cold? What do you think is worse for you “health” wise? Me personally, I’d rather have it … Continue reading

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Should We Teach Our Kids To Fight Back?

This was the Good Question last night on the news. What do you think? Both of our boys were very different. Jason was a lot quieter and a went pretty much under the radar for most of his youth. He … Continue reading

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What’s your take on this?

So, what do you think? Should we test all our young athletes for this?

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What do you think?

Good Question. What do you think guys?

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Is Internet Killing Christmas Cards?

What do you think of this Good Question guys?

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Why Do We Hold Grudges So Long?

I’m guessing by now everyone has heard that Mrs Clarence Thomas (Virginia Lamp) called Anita Hill and asked her for an apology for what she did to her husband. Go read it here on Good Question. Some of you may … Continue reading

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They’re B-A-C-K

I was so happy about a month ago when it occurred to me that we hadn’t had nearly the Asian beetles or box elder bugs that we’ve had in the past. I should have known better but I think I may have even said … Continue reading

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A Presidential Quandary

What do you think of the “New” Oval Office? It is the President’s prerogative to redecorate ‘his’ office, and it’s pretty common occurrence.  Each president is entitled to put his stamp on the room where he will be working, where … Continue reading

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