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Do you find this to be just toooooo much?

I’m sure by now all of you have seen this. Okay, I have a rant coming. I’m not even going to bother saying that I’ll give my opinion after all of you. I think this is the ultimate in bad … Continue reading

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Too much, Too Soon?

We probably all remember our first crushes, our first kisses. Mine was in the 6th grade. I remember it being so awkward, that I didn’t care if I ever did it again. Actually, I don’t think I did do that again … Continue reading

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Should the same rules apply to boys and girls?

I got into a “discussion” yesterday with my mom about this. She said that boys and girls are different and boys can say no. I said NO teacher should have sex with a student no matter what sex they are … Continue reading

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No Words

You know, sometimes you’re surfing around on the web, and you come across something that makes you stop and go… “uh… duh… uh… hmmm…. well.  Yeah.” This, my friends, is one of those pictures. I give you… Goat Feet Revolver … Continue reading

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A Party Fit for a Princess?

Ok people, I have to preface this by saying that I checked out how much it would be to have a McDonald’s birthday party for Josh, and nearly choked at the $130-$150 price tag.  So this video almost put me … Continue reading

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Make Up for the Little Ones?

My life is now complete.  Wal*Mart is coming out with a new makeup line.  It’s called “GeoGirl”.  And it’s designed for the 8-12 crowd.  Oh, thank goodness.  Finally!  Somebody is stepping up to fill that gaping hole left in the … Continue reading

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Sesame Street a “no go” for Katy Perry

When I was watching Good Morning America one day last week I hadn’t heard this story about Katy Perry being on Sesame Street never mind they weren’t going to air it. Parent’s called in and complained that Sesame Street was … Continue reading

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