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Things Are A Little Slow

Hey, everyone. I wanted to pop in and tell you all that things are going to be a little weird around here for a while. Joy is a little under the weather, and I’m more than a little insane with … Continue reading

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Question of the day

If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?

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What skills do you lack?

Almost 30% of Americans admit they don’t know how to cook. What common, everyday skill are you completely lacking?

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What worries you most?

A new survey shows that women worry more than men about losing their looks as they get older, while men worry about the quality of their sex lives. What worries you most about aging?

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The New Graffiti

I was browsing around the web the other day, and I came across these before and after pictures: The statue, entitled “Solace  in the Wind”, stands at one of the harbors in Wellington, New Zealand, is just one of many … Continue reading

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The Height of Frivolous

Imagine a childhood so horrid that, when you reached adulthood, you felt justified in filing a lawsuit against your mother for “bad parenting”. Your childhood must have been pretty bad, right? Maybe she beat you – and not just a … Continue reading

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Saving the best

I was watching an episode of Rizzoli and Isles last week and Lorraine Bracco’s character (she plays Angie Harmon’s mom) said “I’m sick of not eating the good candy and always saving it for later. I want to eat the good candy … Continue reading

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Acts of kindness or butting in?

This is a very personal story this time. I can’t get this out of my head and most of the time I wish I could go back and have a Mulligan, a do over. This is what happened last week … Continue reading

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Josh has a toybox in our great room. The box is the catcher-of-all-things. A Box of Holding, for you D&D fans. Mary Poppin’s carpetbag for others. You get the drift, it seems bottomless. So, this morning, I was on the … Continue reading

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Pain. How do you handle it?

How do you handle pain? Is your threshold high or low? Do you cry? Yell? Just be quiet? What do you do? I was watching an episode of The Bold And The Beautiful a few weeks ago and Amber was … Continue reading

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Are History Lessons Being Neglected?

Is history important to you? I’ve always loved history. Mostly American history but I really do love all history. So when I read this, it made me feel bad. Who decides what gets taken out of our classroom curriculum’s? Remember when … Continue reading

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Do you find this to be just toooooo much?

I’m sure by now all of you have seen this. Okay, I have a rant coming. I’m not even going to bother saying that I’ll give my opinion after all of you. I think this is the ultimate in bad … Continue reading

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Bullying in the workplace

We’ve talked a lot about the rapid increase in bullying in schools, but were you aware that more than 1 in 4 employees admit to feeling bullied in the workplace? Do you have a bully at your work? How have … Continue reading

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Should We Teach Our Kids To Fight Back?

This was the Good Question last night on the news. What do you think? Both of our boys were very different. Jason was a lot quieter and a went pretty much under the radar for most of his youth. He … Continue reading

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How early is too early to earn part of your own keep?

I know we’ve talked about this before but it was a long time ago and other than SKL, most of the others who come here, didn’t then. So, one more time. What brought this up was I was chatting this … Continue reading

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To what lengths would you go?

All of us would do whatever our kids needed to have done to make them safe and happy. BUT, would you go to this extreme measure?

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The things that used to seem normal

I was sitting watching Ordinary People (at minute 1:53 is what inspired this post) a few weekends ago and I was just floored when Judd Hirsch, who played a psychiatrist, sat in his office WITH HIS patient smoking one cigarette after … Continue reading

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Flirting to get what you want

A whopping 85% of British women admit they flirt in order to get discounts on everything from gym memberships to travel agencies to the local bar. Are you a flirt? If so, what have you gained and/or gotten away with … Continue reading

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Luck? Fate? Sharing?

The lucky guy who scored the Mega Millions winning ticket said someone deliberately cut in front of him and bought a ticket, just before he purchased the $319 Million winner. He attributed winning the jackpot to ‘the fickle finger of … Continue reading

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Today on The Talk, one of the conversations was about  worry. Do you worry? It’s right around the 6 minute mark but if you listen, I was just like Sharon Osborne. Like she said “I worry about everything. Every-Little-Thing.” Whether … Continue reading

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Drunken Playdates?

This is a topic with which I am completely, utterly unfamiliar. On The Talk today, the ladies touched briefly on the subject of drinking while on a “playdate”.  Now, I don’t do traditional playdates very often. I don’t get with … Continue reading

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Is this a date or a “play-date?”

Okay now, I love Love LOVE Mark Wahlberg. I have for YEARS. I find him absolutely darling. In the last few days I’ve seen him taking a little bit of heat and at first the headlines all scared me because God help … Continue reading

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Family Secrets

I can remember when I was a little girl and my parents would be talking about something in hushed tones and they’d tell us that “this stays in the family.” We knew that this was something we weren’t supposed to … Continue reading

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Make Up for the Little Ones?

My life is now complete.  Wal*Mart is coming out with a new makeup line.  It’s called “GeoGirl”.  And it’s designed for the 8-12 crowd.  Oh, thank goodness.  Finally!  Somebody is stepping up to fill that gaping hole left in the … Continue reading

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What makes you cry?

I’m sure most of you have heard the stories of people either making fun of or at least making smart alack comments on new Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner’s crying. And he does it a lot. Very frequently. Here’s the Good … Continue reading

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