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More than just a Question of the day

I’ve been hearing all this talk just like I’m sure you have about the why’s of the Arizona shootings. I’ve been hearing about the “blame” many feel towards Jared Loughner’s parent’s and I’ve been hearing once again “let’s blame the guns” … Continue reading

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Even Miracles Take A Little Time

I’m sure everyone has heard about the amazing story of Jaycee Dugard. Kidnapped as she was heading to the bus stop one morning in 1991, all the while her step dad watching helplessly. I remember when this happened, we’re the … Continue reading

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Fears, phobia’s, quirks or mental illness

Don’t you think we all have quirks and things that scare us or things that make us nervous? Phobia’s. Mental illness’s. I’m wondering though if something really scares you, is there a difference to what they’re called? I was watching … Continue reading

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