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Get It Right or Go Home

Most of you know that I’m a musician. Went to school for it and everything.   Because of that, I’ve spent a lot of time through the years teaching many young men and women to play music.  To read the notes, … Continue reading

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What Would You Do?

For some of us, the idea of being buried alive is a deep-set phobia.  For 33 men in Chile, it’s a reality.  They became trapped on Aug. 5th when an earthquake collapsed parts of the mine around them, trapping them … Continue reading

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Free Chat Thursday

Well, we made it another week. 🙂 Tornadoes ripped across Minnesota on last Thursday evening, killing at least two people and injuring dozens more as homes were flattened, trees toppled and a gas station destroyed in the town of Wadena, … Continue reading

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Mom, dad…can I sleep with you?

Last night Bailey had a horrible dream to say the least. I won’t even repeat it, it’s so bad. So around 4am he climbs into bed with us. Even having a king size bed, it was a tight squeeze but … Continue reading

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A Dream is a Wish?

Standing before a group of suit-clad professionals, I begin my presentation.  I refer often to the notes in my hand and on the whiteboard at the front of the room as I walk through the crowd, making eye contact, holding … Continue reading

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A Real High!

Would you feel a little nervous about driving across this bridge?    There’s something just not right about driving above the clouds.       The Millau Viaduct is part of the   new E11 expressway connecting    Paris and Barcelona and features the   Highest bridge … Continue reading

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Question of the day

Did you ever have such a realistic dream that it truly scared you?

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