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Do you think it’s fair of stars who publicize things when they feel like it, when it’s in their best interests, to then turn around and say “respect our privacy at this time” as in the case of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes … Continue reading

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Do you find this to be just toooooo much?

I’m sure by now all of you have seen this. Okay, I have a rant coming. I’m not even going to bother saying that I’ll give my opinion after all of you. I think this is the ultimate in bad … Continue reading

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Criminal or just stupid?

Ok, so I’m going to wallow in the gutter for a little while. This story appeared on on Tuesday, and it got me thinking. (one of the thoughts was, “what the heck am I doing on Here’s the … Continue reading

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Miss California Sparks Furor With Gay Marriage Comments

I’m going out on a big limb with this one but it’s got nothing to do with my personal view on anything.  It’s just something that has me wondering WHAT THE HECK? I don’t normally write stuff like this but … Continue reading

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The tabloids!

Okay, I have an embarrassing confession to make.  I read the tabloids.  Not only do I read them, I have them delivered to my home.  Let me begin by explaining that I need to read.  Something.  Anything. Before we moved out to … Continue reading

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