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Do You Believe in Prayer?

M*A*S*H is one of my all-time favorite TV shows, and I remember one episode, where a wounded soldier came in who had no wounds, but had declared himself to be Jesus Christ. All the characters had their opinions, from Fr. … Continue reading

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Dear Lord…

Some of you might have seen this on my Facebook, but I wanted to share with those who didn’t see it. It’s pretty darned funny…

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Prayers, Please

This is Renee.  She is my childhood friend, but more importantly, she is Phyllis’s daughter.  Renee and I grew up next door to each other, and ran roughshod through the neighborhood with Barb and Rita.  Together, and in every combination … Continue reading

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Thanks, but…

Stole this one from the Facebook of a friend of a friend.

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Let us pray…

“Thank you, God, for this food. For rest and home and all that’s good. For wind and rain and sun above, But most of all, for those we love.” Thus begins every meal in our house, unless Josh chooses to … Continue reading

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Question of the day

Did you go to church as a child?  Do you go now?

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Can prayer kill? written by Sue

I saw this article tonight as I checked the local news and I couldn’t believe it!  This poor girl DIED because her parents chose to pray for her instead of taking her to the doctor when she was getting progressively … Continue reading

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