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Get a load of this!!!!!

My head can’t get past this one! Have we really come to this? My question is why would a small child be wearing a bikini in the first place? Is there really a market for this?

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Mother Faces Charges for Cursing at Principal

I heard about this story on The View one morning last week and couldn’t believe it and then I was surfing around and found it again and thought, what the hell. If you haven’t heard about this you can read … Continue reading

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American dream

I think about this quite often. I don’t know why. What is your American dream? Is it baseball and apple pie? Freedom to do what we want or the right to bitch when something doesn’t go our way? To me … Continue reading

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12 year old wants her belly button pierced!!

My daughter is turning 12 on May 17.  Guess what she asked me to get her for her birthday???  Mom PLEASE, pleeeeeaaasseee, all I want for my birthday is to get my belly button pierced.  Of course, the mom I … Continue reading

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