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Does This Post Make Me Look Fat?

That question is the one that will strike fear into every human man old enough to know he should be afraid. And yet, we still ask the question. As wives, we NEED to ask that question sometimes. If we’re going … Continue reading

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Backseat Activities

I am well aware that, in the past, I have been less than patient with the ridiculous number of pandering and arrogant PSA’s that litter my talk radio throughout the day.  It is appalling how many times there is someone … Continue reading

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What’s in Yours?

I’ve been following an occasional series over at PetitElephant, called “What’s in your purse?”  It’s an entertaining little series, and I got inspired. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had a guy pick up my purse and utter … Continue reading

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…Sinko de Mayo!!! DANG, I crack myself up!!! yes, I know I’m a day late.  again.  It’s my theme this week.  Heck, I’m already a dollar short.

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Sock fetish

A few weeks ago I got some new socks at Target. They were Hanes and I really liked them. I’m ENORMOUSLY FUSSY a little particular about my socks so I was happy I found some that I liked. I used … Continue reading

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Uh oh, look what I found-my dirty little secret

I have a big confession to make. I’m notorious for this. I hate to admit it but here goes. I put things in my cupboards and my fridge that seem to turn invisible as soon as they go there. I … Continue reading

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How do you sleep?

I’ve had trouble staying asleep for the last couple of months and I wondered if this is normal. For the better part of my life I’ve had trouble falling asleep. I can remember when I was in school, I would … Continue reading

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How big is your bubble?

Personal space. I need mine. More at certain times, less at certain times. My bubble changes size all the time. I don’t like people right up in my face or hanging on me. I can handle my son and my … Continue reading

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Fears, phobia’s, quirks or mental illness

Don’t you think we all have quirks and things that scare us or things that make us nervous? Phobia’s. Mental illness’s. I’m wondering though if something really scares you, is there a difference to what they’re called? I was watching … Continue reading

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What mask are you wearing today?

I quite often get good idea’s for some of these posts from other people. Pam and I were talking about this and she said I should write one about all the different masks that people, including us, wear.  You know … Continue reading

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Things that mesmerize us

I have something to admit.  It’s rather embarrassing but I’m not alone. I’m going to drag my brother into it and now my husband!  You see, we like watching our clothes spin and agitate in the washing machine! Yes, we do!  I’m … Continue reading

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Gotta Go!

No, not that kind of gotta go!  Gotta go to the store kind of go!  This morning, my son wanted to eat breakfast and guess what?  No milk.  I HATE that!  It is the number one way to ruin my … Continue reading

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How close is to close?

I think we’ve touched on this subject before but I wanted to expand on it a little since I saw this on the news.  I know I may be alone here but I can’t stand it when people get to … Continue reading

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