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You’re Kidding, Right?

My brother (BBJim), sent this to me the other day while I was on the phone with him (I love instant messaging). And we laughed long and hard about it. Oh, my goodness, was it hilarious. Sad, too, though. Because, … Continue reading

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Super Prayer?

I happened to catch part of an episode of The Talk the other day, before the Super Bowl. This is the first time I’d seen it since the Great Firing took place, so Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini weren’t … Continue reading

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Seven in Heaven

Wow! What do you think of this debate? I’ll be honest. I’m just sitting here thinking some people are so stupid. I see NOTHING wrong with that street name. I really like it actually. SKL, you have to get to … Continue reading

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It’s about being neighborly

There are so many issues surrounding the proposed Community Center/Mosque, called “Cordoba House” near Ground Zero that I don’t know where to start. A list seems like a good idea, as the issues pop to mind: It’s very close to … Continue reading

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Catholic Code Words

shhhh…… don’t tell anyone that I told you!! This information is for Catholics only.  It must not be divulged to non-Catholics.  The less they know about  rituals and code words, the better off they are. AMEN: The only part of a … Continue reading

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Wish Fulfilled?

A cabbie picks up a Nun.  She gets into the cab, and notices that the VERY handsome cab driver won’t stop staring at her. She asks him why he is staring.  He replies: “I have a question to ask, but … Continue reading

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The Mojave Cross

By the time you read this, the case may already be decided. But I’d like to throw this out for your opinion anyway. Today, Wednesday, October 07, 2009, the Supreme Court is hearing the case of the “Mojave Desert Cross”. … Continue reading

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Update on Daniel Hauser written by Laura

A couple hundred years ago, a bunch of tired, bedraggled, bonneted and buckled people walked onto a shore, and declared that this was the New World.  Here was a place where they could practice their religion freely, without interference from … Continue reading

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Do You Believe in Magic?

Trinity asked me tonight if the Easter bunny is real. Of course, my 4 year old is sitting right there and at his age I didn’t want to spoil things yet. So, I danced around the question for as long … Continue reading

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Kid’s Questions

Today must be my day for in depth questions from my kids and good stuff coming in the mail!  This morning I picked Christopher up from preschool as usual.  I asked how his day was and he said, “Fine mom.  … Continue reading

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