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Teddy bears and blankies

Meet Teddy. This is Bailey’s bear that he’s had, probably since before he was even born. He’s been through a lot! He’s  needed many stitches, and is currently sporting two Band-Aids on his butt, awaiting more stitches. Doctors been busy! Teddy is sitting on … Continue reading

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A Demonstration of Class

I love this.  Most of the time, I’m irked during the National Anthem at professional sports events.  The crowd is so rowdy, they’re yelling and screaming so much that, unless it’s a full-out marching band, you can’t hear the song.  … Continue reading

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Do you cry at movies??

I am the biggest cry baby when it comes to movies. I’m just a very sensitive person. I even cry at Hallmark commercials! I was over on Facebook the other day and saw a “quiz” that asked for the top … Continue reading

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When to let go?

  So,  I find a box of old letters from ex girlfriends from over 10 years ago.  Why do I keep them?  I don’t know…I can’t throw them away…Can I? They don’t mean anything to me now except memories of a … Continue reading

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Would you pawn your stuff?

I’m a very sentimental person and I get very attached to “things.” I’ve got all my boys teeth and even saved Jason’s braces.  Yes, I know….eeewwwww.  I just can’t throw things like this away.  I even saved the cast from … Continue reading

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