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Make an Impact

I believe we’ve talked about this before. I’d like to address it again, because I can’t remember what people thought of it. I received an email this morning from another baseball mom. Her son suffered traumatic brain injury due to a concussion during hockey, 7 weeks ago. … Continue reading

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Do College Coaches Have Too Much Power?

After the Penn State ordeal, do you feel coaches have too much power over what goes on in colleges? Who do you feel should be in charge? Do you think colleges should be more about learning and less about sports? … Continue reading

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What do you think?

What do you think of this? Would you do it?

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What’s your take on this?

So, what do you think? Should we test all our young athletes for this?

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Boys vs Girls

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Joel Northrup.  He’s a home-schooled Iowa wrestler who qualified for State with the Linn-Mar Wrestling Team.  When he got to his first round, he discovered he was paired with Cassey Herkelman of … Continue reading

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Must Do THIS Before I Die…

Doesn’t look like the most wicked fun you’ve ever seen???  EVER??? If you click on the picture, it will take you to the Tromso Reindeer Racing Championships, in Norway.  At the bottom of the page are four videos of the … Continue reading

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We’re, most of us, football fans here.  So I have a question for ya.  Consider this video that has gone viral: Here’s the play, in a nutshell, because there isn’t a play-by-play: The play started on the play before.  The … Continue reading

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A Season To Remember

As many of you already know, my son plays baseball. This fall he played for the MYAS (Minnesota Youth Athletic Services,)  him and his team represented our town. Jason, my husband, coached. He had four 11 year olds, and the rest were 9 and … Continue reading

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The Standard of Harassment

I rarely want to call radio shows.  But when I heard this story being discussed on two separate shows, I found myself talking to the radio, nearly screaming at it, and stomping around my kitchen, slamming pots in my indignance.  … Continue reading

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Free Chat Thursday

Hello, everyone! I feel like I haven’t written a post on a long time. But it’s only been a week. Some exciting news in this house!! Bailey and his team made it to the Gopher State Tournament of Champions!!!! We … Continue reading

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Free Chat Thursday

The picture I chose today was just because I really liked it when I saw it! How free you must feel up there, like you’re flying. I’ve never brought myself to get on one of those swing rides, but I … Continue reading

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Fair is fair…or is it?

Well. Where do I start? We’ve had a very interesting last 5 days. As you all now Bailey is on the traveling baseball team for our town. This was something he had to try out for. Something we had to pay for. … Continue reading

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All Because of a Piece of String

Recently, a track meet occurred to determine the winner of the Rio Hondo League Championship.  The teams in the meet were South Pasadena High School, coached by P.J. Hernandez, and Monrovia High School, coached by Mike Knowles.  The score was … Continue reading

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Free Chat Thursday

I have to be honest….I don’t have a whole lot to talk about this week! Nothing  crazy or exciting has happened. Unless you count the Twins winning the season home opener. Now that was exciting but I know not everyone, … Continue reading

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Free Chat Thursday

Spring is finally here! For now anyway. It’s my sons spring break from school. It’s warm and sunshiny out. I love being able to open all the windows and let new, fresh air in. And the birds here where we … Continue reading

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Random Thought Thursday

I’m wondering what kind of random things we will talk about this Thursday! The last two Thursdays have been fun, just chatting about anything and sometimes nothing at all. It kind of felt like I was sitting in my living … Continue reading

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Question of the Day

Colts or Saints?

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I gotta feeling…..

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Team vs Player

During a recent NFL Playoff weekend, when the Vikings were doing battle with the Cowboys, Joy mentioned that the Cowboys had, yet again, been referred to as “America’s Team”, and wondered why.  So, I did a little checking. According to … Continue reading

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Being honest or being mean. Is there a difference?

I’ve been thinking of this post for most of the week and trying to think of wording it the right way. I guess to me, it comes down to either being nice to someone or telling a little white lie … Continue reading

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Why Do We Live Through Sports Teams?

“The day after the Minnesota Vikings dramatic, last-second victory over the San Francisco 49ers, fans are still celebrating, talking about “our win.” But we didn’t really help the team. Why do we feel like we win when our teams win?” … Continue reading

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Bullfighting…help me understand this

Anyone who knows me knows that my heart is really big when it comes to animals.  I have a huge spot in my heart for them. It doesn’t really matter what kind of animal, I love all of them.  Snakes … Continue reading

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Fish Tales….

This is a new record Northern Pike in Canada. He caught it on Rainy Lake.  Check this thing out.  The man (in the photos below), was fishing and caught a 36″ Pike. As he was reeling it in, a 56″-55 … Continue reading

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What kind of a kid were you?

I have been a member of for a long time now.  Maybe 5 years or so.  I just pay the minimum each year.  I find it fun going there every now and then to see if I can find … Continue reading

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