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Superbowl Commercial

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Happy Friday, everyone! How was your week? Mine was pretty good! I had a coffee date with a good friend I hardly ever see anymore. It’s funny, we live in the same town but never make the time to get … Continue reading

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Get It Right or Go Home

Most of you know that I’m a musician. Went to school for it and everything.   Because of that, I’ve spent a lot of time through the years teaching many young men and women to play music.  To read the notes, … Continue reading

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I, for one am happy to see this week come and GO! Bailey was home sick Monday with a horrible stomach-ache, felt well enough to go back to school Tuesday, and was sick again Wednesday. I have no idea what … Continue reading

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Dear Brett Farve

Dear Brett Farve, I’d like to thank you for the huge disappointment you have handed all of us Vikings fans today. If you want to retire, then RETIRE for heavens sake but why drag us all through it? Is your … Continue reading

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