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Gymnastics with a Twist

My college roommate’s daughter is not only a budding gymnast, she’s a huge fan of the sport. She competes almost all year round, and attends camp during the summer. This year, the camp sent her a video of one of … Continue reading

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Wicked Strings

This is phenomenal. I don’t watch America’s Got Talent, but I’m sure glad I have friends that do, otherwise I’d have missed this. My friend Jill the Husky Trainer posted this on her FB the morning after it ran. I’m … Continue reading

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I love this video, especially the Professor, near the end: It really makes me wonder, though, if it had any affect on anyone they talked to? Did the students make the parallel between redistribution of grades and redistribution of wealth? … Continue reading

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Run Rabbit Run!

This is hysterical. I just wish I could read the comments in the video. Doesn’t matter, I guess… it’s still excellent.

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Singing Christmas Hedgehogs

What would we do without Pinterest? I found this there, and it’s cracking me up.

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Cell Phone Spies

According to a Harris poll, half of us are cell phone video spies, quick to pull out the phone whenever we witness someone in an embarrassing, or compromising position/activity/article of clothing. Are you a spy? And, if so, what is … Continue reading

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