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Happy Friday, everyone. How was your week? Productive, I hope. Any weekend plans? My whole weekend, starting tonight will be full of baseball. Hoping the weather cooperates. Tonight (Friday) our boys have a scrimmage game against International Falls. Saturday, the wood bat … Continue reading

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I don’t know about you, but I know us up here in MN are in some serious need of sunshine. We’ve gotten so much rain, there are small ponds all over town. In the last 24 hours, we’ve gotten more … Continue reading

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Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all had a great week. I did, but I am looking forward to the weekend. They say it’s suppose to be warm, and I hope they’re right. I don’t really mind 50’s and 60’s. Sometimes it … Continue reading

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Too Many Warnings

It had to happen. Sooner or later, the news had to come out. That Joplin, MO was nearly eradicated earlier this year was a tragic event. The news that came out recently – that the sirens were ignored by many … Continue reading

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Be Prepared

I thought this was something all of us should be thinking about. If not actually doing it, at least thinking about it and knowing where all this stuff is.

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Weather Conversion Chart

This handy conversion chart gives a good idea of why I’m so thrilled when the weather gets cold…  And why I’m so impatient with school “late starts” and cancellations: Chicago temperature conversion chart… 60° F: Arizonans shiver uncontrollably; people in Chicago sunbathe. 50° … Continue reading

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Free Chat Thursday

Mothers Day is approaching! Usually Joy, Sue, the kids and I go plant flower baskets. This year we aren’t because Joy has had the worst time with the air. All the pollen in the air is really bothering her so … Continue reading

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Oh Boy….

This guy needs to come spend some time in the Northern Midwest… find out what REAL snow is…

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Last week, much of the Midwest enjoyed a LOT of fog (I say “enjoyed” because what else are you going to do?  Gripe?  Doesn’t make it go away, so you might as well find something to enjoy about it), and … Continue reading

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Winter Driving

Every year we go through this.  Winter comes, snow flies and the roads get slippery.  So why is it that every year when winter arrives and we know the roads are going to be slippery and snow covered, people still … Continue reading

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