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Too much, Too Soon?

We probably all remember our first crushes, our first kisses. Mine was in the 6th grade. I remember it being so awkward, that I didn’t care if I ever did it again. Actually, I don’t think I did do that again … Continue reading

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Is this a date or a “play-date?”

Okay now, I love Love LOVE Mark Wahlberg. I have for YEARS. I find him absolutely darling. In the last few days I’ve seen him taking a little bit of heat and at first the headlines all scared me because God help … Continue reading

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Young Love

Before reading this, take yourself back to the 3rd grade. Remember how innocent love was and girlfriends and boyfriends came and went with out any love lost. I know some parents don’t allow their children to have “girlfriends/boyfriends” when they … Continue reading

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