Famous Americans

How much do you know about the famous Americans of the United States?

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Top 10 Romantic Movies for Valentines Day

And the #1 Romantic Movie is……….

Does everyone agree with this? Any to add to the list?

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Happy Valentines Day from Pam

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Question of the day from mssc

How many hours a week do you work in your chosen profession?

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Figures of Speech – Clothing

The words a person uses to express himself can be as defining as the clothes he chooses to wear. When you mash those together, you get some well known idioms that feature articles of clothing. How well will you do?

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My Sunday Paper from Gwen

WHERE is my SUNDAY paper?!” The irate customer calling the newspaper office, loudly demanded to know where her Sunday edition was.

“Madam”, said the newspaper employee, “today is Saturday. The Sunday paper is not delivered until tomorrow, on SUNDAY“.

There was quite a long pause on the other end of the phone, followed by a ray of recognition as she was heard to mutter,
“Well, shit, so that’s why no one was at church today.”

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Question of the day

What is your favorite candy?

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Happy Birthday Paul

Happy Birthday Paul. We all hope you have a great day.

Even though it’s your birthday, I’m still gonna kick your butt at Wii bowling 😉 (I may let you win a few but that’s it :-))

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Pulling for the bad guy…….

Last weekend Paul and I had nothing on the DVR to watch and our VHS/DVD player decided to break down. They don’t last very long but that’s another post. Anyway, we were channel flipping being it was the weekend and we were going to play a few extra games of Wii bowling and live it up and wanted to watch something. We came across Bonnie and Clyde. We hadn’t seen it in years and were delighted to come across it. I know I used to own it in VHS format but I’ve kind of gotten rid of all those movies as the quality of them is so bad. Anyway, sorry, I keep getting sidetracked. ANYWAY…..

Have you ever seen this movie about Bonnie and Clyde with that cutie pie Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway? If gangster movies are your cup of tea and you haven’t ever seen this, I highly recommend it. It’s a wonderful movie and being it’s so old, it’s very realistic as far as old movies go. It was filmed in 1967 and the ending almost ended up giving the movie an X rating because in that day, it was extremely gruesome. If you want to take a peak of the end scene, it’s here but if you’ve never seen the movie and want to, don’t watch it. It might ruin it for you.

As we were watching this movie it suddenly occurred to me that I was pulling for them. When the cops found them in that small apartment nearing the end of the movie, I found myself thinking, “come on, get away, here come the cops.” Then in the end scene I found myself willing them to somehow know they were surrounded and near death. Like my thoughts would change a movie but still……Then I thought, how can I be pulling for Bonnie and Clyde? After all, they robbed banks. They killed people and scared people. They killed 11 police officers and 2 civilians and I’m standing here rooting them on.

Have you ever done this? I can remember in The Godfather when Sonny is pulling up to that toll booth, I had the same kind of thoughts, NO!!!!!!!

Why do we glamorize gangsters? Or is it just me?

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DOG FOR SALE from Shane

Whether you own a dog or not,  you must appreciate the efforts of this owner to sell her dog. Read the sales pitch!!!

Dog For Sale

Free to good home. Excellent guard dog.

Owner cannot afford to feed him anymore, as there are no more drug pushers, thieves, murderers or molesters left in the neighborhood for him to eat.

Most of them knew him as ‘Holy Shit.’

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Question of the day from Ellen

What is your earliest memory of your life? This is from our friend Ellen.

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Being Perfect

I’m not sure if any of you have read about Heidi Montag and all her plastic surgery and I’m not even sure if some of you have ever heard of her. She’s almost famous just for being famous. She is a 23-year-old young woman who I thought was very cute before all this surgery. The pictures above show on the left, what she looked like before and the right is after the surgeries. Here are a few pics of what she was having done with the marker on her body.

She had 10 procedures done in one day all at one time. She now claims to be addicted to plastic surgery and even though  she has DDD’s, she’s already planning her next surgery because she says “I know it sounds crazy but I just love boobs!”

I’m all for a nose job here or a boob job there but man, this bothers me. This young girl was so darn cute before and it really makes me wonder what’s wrong inside herself that would make her go to this extreme. She said she wanted to make it in the music industry and she had to compete with the Brittany Spears of the world and beauty sells. Okay then. Her album which is ironically called Superficial has sold less than 1000 copies. That is a very low number so I’m wondering then, didn’t the surgery work?

I guess she didn’t tell any of her family and after hiding out for 4 months she flew to Montana to see her mom who’s reaction “hurt her feelings.” She said her “mom looked at her like she was a circus freak.” She also said “I feel like I look like me but a little bit of a different version. Like an upgrade. The best me.” I’m wondering how she can say that. She looks nothing the same and I guess if one of my kids did this, it would really bother me too.  There would be no more family resemblances or any trace of genetics.

She also said “everyone in this industry does this” but that’s not true.  Not everyone does this. Also, she’s so young and to me there’s a big difference in fixing sagging eye’s to doing 10 procedures in one day at 23. She didn’t “fix” something. She “changed” the way she looked because she didn’t feel she looked good enough. I wonder who she wanted to look better for. Her husband had real problems with this and didn’t want her to go through with it.

You take a look at the before and after and tell me what you think of this. I guess for me, what bothers me the most is her age. At 23 you aren’t even grown into yourself yet. I feel she was so young to do all of this and I wonder WHY. Why all of it?

She also was quoted as saying she wanted to be “perfect” and it makes me wonder what perfect is and who decides that. What do you all think?

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Hunters, Beware…

…the animals are getting smarter…

shamelessly stolen from Tundra Comics, drawn by the seriously twisted Chad Carpenter.

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Question of the day

Should men wear Speedo’s?

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Retarded or Not?

(warning… this discussion, while treated in an adult fashion, contains reference to words we do not like to hear from our youngsters.  Please read it yourself before allowing them to read it, as well)

There is a brouhaha brewing in the White House.  Yeah, I know… “ho hum, what else is new?”  It IS getting tedious, isn’t it?

Still, there’s a controversy afoot, and I’m interested in your take.  It is yet another case of “To PC or Not to PC”.

On or about January 25, Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff, uttered the phrase “f-ing retarded,” either in reference to the people he was in meeting with (according to Sarah Palin’s Facebook Notes) or in reference to the idea of exposing Obama’s failures on the healthcare issue (according to the Wall Street Journal).

I have to wonder why this has not yet been blown up to the scandal that President Bush faced when he swore in front of an open mike (2006), or the professionally fatal blow delivered to Trent Lott over comments made at a roast honoring Strom Thurmond’s 100th Birthday.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to not be subject to yet another scandal – Lord knows we’ve had enough of them – but I have to wonder why.

To my knowledge, President George W. Bush swore once in public.  He was excoriated for it, because it was “unpresidential” and he “should have known” that “any mike is a live mike.”  We endured at least a week of shocked reporters discussing Vice President Cheney’s invitation to Senator Leahy to “f-himself”.  But now, it seems like we hear about the potty-mouth tendencies of this administration with disturbing frequency:

  • Rahm Emanuel says that an idea/group of people are “f’ing retarded”
  • Van Jones calls Republicans “a-holes”
  • Joe Biden says, “give me a f’ing break” on a live mike (“I didn’t know it was live”) in a March, 2009 meeting about Amtrak
  • President Obama calls Kanye West a “jackass”

Why is there no uproar?  Why is there no serious call for public apology, followed by a stint in rehab?  Yes, Mr. Emanuel made a private phone call to Tim Shriver, CEO of Special Olympics, apologizing for the remark.  Apparently, we are being asked to accept that the privately issued apology is enough.  But it wasn’t enough for Bush, Cheney or Lott.

The only difference I see here is that most of the potty-mouthed incidents from the current administration are said in public, sometimes in press conferences (the Kanye statement), whereas the previous administration uttered most of their profanity behind closed doors.  Or at least away from the public.

I do not have virgin ears.  I am not saying that there should be no profanity at all.  I’m an adult.  I swear plenty, and I know that other adults swear plenty, as well.  The difference is, I know the difference between acting in a professional manner – which includes finding substitutes for profane words when I’m in a public or professional situation – and swearing in an empty house when I stub my toe or trip over the dog.

Yeah, I know the answer, even as I ask the question.  That was then, this is now.  “They” were Republicans, these guys are Democrats.

Personally, I’m not sure that Mr. Emanuel should be fired over this comment.  The word “retarded,” as politically incorrect as it is now, has been part of the vernacular as long as I can remember.  I don’t know if it rises to the seriousness of the “n-word”, as Sarah Palin alleges, although I’m not quite sure why the “n-word” is as heinous as everyone makes it out to be.  Perhaps that’s because I know and understand that words are only harmful if they’re used as weapons.  There are plenty of occasions where any word that can be construed as “hate speech” can be used in an innocuous way.  But in this atmosphere of Political Correctness, every word must be chosen with the utmost care, because every word that’s on “the list” is forbidden in any situation regardless of the context.

So, this long rant brings me back to my original question: Should Rahm Emanuel be fired for referring to people as “f-ing retarded”?  (because I know plenty of you think he should be fired for other reasons).

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As you get older…..

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Question of the day

Favorite fruit?

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Well, it’s the Morning After, and I’m sitting here thinking, “THAT’S what we were arguing about?  THAT’S the big, nasty, controversial ‘Tebow-ProLife Ad’???  You have GOT to be kidding me.”

To catch up, in the last two weeks, the internet has been abuzz about the commercial made by Tim Tebow and his mother, sponsored by Focus on the Family.  The ad, starring QB Tim Tebow and his mom, Pam, featured Pam reflecting on her difficult pregnancy, and ultimately admitting that she still worries over “her baby”.  The ad wraps with a black screen bearing the white-lettered message, “For the full Tebow story, go to Focus on the  Celebrate Family. Celebrate Life.”

This is the “massive controversy” that has been burning up the internet wires these last two weeks.  The “controversy” which played itself out on sports boards and parenting boards alike, with each group dividing in half, taking sides, and slinging words like “hate” and “murder”.

All because a woman says that she worries over her son.

The interesting thing to me is this:  Nobody saw the ad before it aired during yesterday’s game.  Planned Parenthood went so far in their opposition to the commercial that they created a “rebuttal” to it, which featured Sean James (RB, Vikings) and Al Joyner (Olympic Gold Medalist, Track) talking all about how it’s the woman’s right to choose, and that men must trust women to make the right choice.  They rebutted an ad that they had never even seen!

I also find it interesting that CBS took all kinds of crap for not airing the ad for the gay dating site, (all three can be viewed in this article).  CBS’s stance on the ad was that it did not meet their standards and that the credit of the company was in question.  Frankly, my personal opinion is that the ad was riding the coattails of the Tebow controversy, and was never meant to run during the game.  They didn’t need to buy commercial time, they got plenty of attention in the run-up.  Brilliant strategy, if you ask me.  I have to wonder if they even submitted the commercial with the intent of actually following through.

But the point here is this: who are we, as a country and a people, that we get to this level of screaming and insult-hurling over a commercial whose content is completely unknown?  Why do we let ourselves be drawn into this kind of debate when the facts aren’t even on the table?  Are we this insecure with ourselves as a society that we can’t even allow an opposing point of view to be heard?

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Oh Boy….

This guy needs to come spend some time in the Northern Midwest… find out what REAL snow is…

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Question of the Day

Do you stay calm, cool and collected while helping your child with homework?

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Fussy eaters. What did/do you do?

Here’s a little conversation that took place one day on Facebook with the names taken off to protect the innocent.

A friend of mine put this:

I need help. What do you do with kids that don’t like what you make for supper? Do you make them something different or do they get nothing else? Very puzzled and sick of everybody complaining. This one likes this and the other doesn’t. I quit, where’s the take out menu!!!

Someone else:

don’t make them something special. I never did. If my kids didn’t like what I made they would have to make their own (and clean it up). yes they ate a few PB sandwiches.. (Peanut butter sandwiches are good for you.) But no junk food b4 bed!!! worked for me.

Someone else:

i still follow the not anything different rule. they’ve gotten better

Someone else:

Here’s the scoop Lori listed above ate everything in sight when she was young and I on the other hand didn’t. My loving mom would always make me something that I did like or when she would make things like hot dish she would put it all together but the hamburger then she would dish me a plate and then add the hamburger to the rest of it. I ate a lot of grilled cheeses when I was young cause I was never a big meat eater. Do what works for you but remember, don’t let them fill up on junk foods. Even a peanut butter sandwich is better than nothing…..

I said this:

Boy, I don’t know. I let my boys make something if they didn’t like supper but I didn’t do it. They are both grown and the oldest one is still fussy. His poor wife. The youngest used to eat almost anything and is still like that. I’m not sure you outgrow that. Just out of curiosity, would you eat something you didn’t like? I hate it when kids won’t try something new but if I know it’s something they “really” don’t like, yes, I let them make spaghettio’s or something.

Someone else:

I have the same problem!! I have tried “tough love”, they don’t eat anything-I hate that!! Tell me the answer if you find it please!!

I will usually let the child have a bowl of cereal but they have to at least try the food first. It’s generally my youngest who doesn’t like anything. My husband gets mad, but you can’t let your kids starve! Especially Kenzie – she hardly eats the way it is. But… I won’t make the cereal for her – she has to do it herself.

I said I’d put it here on the blog and see what you all had to say. Did you make your kids eat or did you let them eat something else if they didn’t like what you made for supper?

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Lady’s got a point…

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Question of the Day

Favorite SuperBowl Ad?

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Human Anatomy

Test your knowledge of your own body in this quiz.

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Redneck yard swing

Redneck cooler

Redneck garden

Redneck limo

Redneck mailbox

Redneck time out

Redneck weenie roast

Redneck wheelchair

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