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As Seen On TV…

So I went surfing around, looking for post inspiration, and sometimes, even though I cannot stand The View, I find they have some good topics for discussion. And the other day, I found this. It’s a double-segment that they did … Continue reading

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A Picture of Controversy

Check out this picture for a moment, and catalog your thoughts on it: What did you think of it? What did it make you think of? Did you think it was funny? This is a picture that appears on a … Continue reading

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Don’t Have Sex, Here’s a Condom

Am I really that naïve? Is it really so unreasonable to expect kids to hold off sex until they’re at least 16? Philadelphia thinks that I am. And so do a lot of commenters. Here’s my issue. The City of … Continue reading

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Excuse Me??

I have not verified if this is a real ad or not.  If it is, it has GOT to be the stupidest ad  EVER…

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Posting calories in movie theaters

We were watching this the other night on Nightline and it just seems weird to me. Posting calories in movie theaters, airplanes and convenience store type places. I’m not really sure I understand the whole concept of this. I get the whole … Continue reading

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Athlete Endorsments

I don’t know if you guys know who Joe Mauer is or not but he’s the catcher for the Minnesota Twins and most Minnesotans love and adore him. He was recently given a HUGE contract and it looks like he’ll … Continue reading

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All or nothing

When I heard this last week on the news I couldn’t believe it. We used to live in Minnetonka so when I heard that name, my attention was right there. They want to remove more than 100 bus stop benches. … Continue reading

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Why Are Jingles So Catchy?

Anyone seen this?? Now, if you can listen to that jingle and not have it get stuck in your head, I envy you. My youngest grandson sings this NON STOP and I can’t help but find it hilarious. He’s also … Continue reading

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This message brought to you by the Ad Council and…

Dad (confused and frustrated voice): “There are so many day cares, how am I supposed to know which one is best? Our friend recommends this one, but your sister recommends this one.” Mom (in a self-confident voice): “Go to this … Continue reading

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