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Should Public Breastfeeding Be Allowed?

Have we discussed this here yet? Boy, I’m almost afraid. I’ve gotten into some nasty stuff with this subject but seeing Paul’s reaction to this made me want to ask because he’s of the age that this really bothers him … Continue reading

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Newborn DNA Storage

Have any of you been following this whole “newborn DNA storage” stuff? On Wed we got the news that the “Court Backs Families In Handling Of Newborn Blood.” First of all, I’m another person who didn’t know this was happening. I … Continue reading

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Baby name remorse

Did you name your child something trendy or too common? Do you suffer from baby-naming remorse? Did you and your partner agree on names? Do you have an “instant memory” of any  names from the past that don’t sit well … Continue reading

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Do babies have their own language?

There’s something amazing about watching 18-month-old twins Sam and Ren, leaning against the fridge and apparently swapping stories. More than 2 million of us have watched it on YouTube. Have you seen it? Here it is. But is baby talk … Continue reading

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Eagle Cam

I had to share this with you guys… during the minutes that I’ve had these past few weeks, I keep checking in.  This is an “EagleCam” – a camera mounted over an active Eagle’s Nest in Decorah, Iowa. Three eggs … Continue reading

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