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Who are the great beauties?

Who do you think are the most beautiful women of all time? Here are a bunch of photo’s. Ava Gardner. Audrey Hepburn. Elizabeth Taylor. Marilyn Monroe. Halle Berry Natalie Wood Standards of physical beauty are ever-evolving. How has your definition of beauty changed … Continue reading

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Bad hair day…

Okay! I normally get a haircut every 5 weeks. I get it colored every third time I go. I never really learned how to fix my hair or how to wear my hair girly. My mom’s idea of fixing my … Continue reading

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Floral Display

For years Billee and I have passed this house and marveled at the floral display at 3725 No. Vassault St. in Tacoma, Washington. Last year there was no display and we had wondered if the Asian man who owns this … Continue reading

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Being Perfect

I’m not sure if any of you have read about Heidi Montag and all her plastic surgery and I’m not even sure if some of you have ever heard of her. She’s almost famous just for being famous. She is a 23-year-old … Continue reading

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Inside the Tube from Pam

  These incredible images were taken by the number 1 photographer of surf: Clark Little.  He has dedicated his life to photographing the waves and has published a selection of the best images of his career.  He captures magical moments … Continue reading

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