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Mom, Banned From Facebook Over Controversial Breastfeeding Photo

So what do you guys make of this? I’ll be honest and tell you that I think this is all kinds of creepy. I don’t even find it cute. Not in any way. At first when I heard this story I … Continue reading

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Should Public Breastfeeding Be Allowed?

Have we discussed this here yet? Boy, I’m almost afraid. I’ve gotten into some nasty stuff with this subject but seeing Paul’s reaction to this made me want to ask because he’s of the age that this really bothers him … Continue reading

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When Do You Turn Off The Tap?

Men, you are excused from this discussion if it’s gonna skeeze you out. That’s the last warning you get. There’s a story being bandied about the Mommy Blogs about this woman, because she continues to breastfeed her six year old … Continue reading

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