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Top five regrets of the dying

It was kind of funny that I found this article today. This question is on my stick em note pad. I just hadn’t written it yet. I’m sure you have a few regrets. Maybe some are big and some are … Continue reading

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What’s on YOUR List?

I learned a couple of new terms tonight. They are kinds of “lists” that people make. So I’m going to present them to you, and then ask you about yours… The first, Bucket List, is a term that most of … Continue reading

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Bucket Lists

I read this on DM’s blog, Heart to Heart this morning (Sunday, March 21) and got his permission to share it with all of you and to see what opinions you may have on the subject. Bucket list: Things you’d … Continue reading

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My Little Dreams

I know everyone has a list of things they want to do before their time comes. A bucket list if you will. I think someone even wrote about this already but frankly I’m just too lazy to go back and … Continue reading

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