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One day!

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Happy Friday, once again. I hope everyone had a good week. Did everyone enjoy Halloween? It was unseasonably warm here. Figures, the one year that we don’t go out with Bailey. Jason and I stayed home, turned all the lights off and … Continue reading

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Are Fines and Jail Time Appropriate Consequences for Truancy?

Wow. What do you guys all think of this? I always tried to make it a practice of not taking my kids out of school for dental or doctor appointments. Really any appointments of any kind. I’m still trying to understand how a … Continue reading

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Happy Friday! I’m really looking forward to this weekend. Sunday, Bailey’s baseball team will be playing for 1st place. We are 6-0 in league, but there is one team that 5-0-1. So it’ll come down to them losing, and us winning, to … Continue reading

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Question of the Day

Have you ever had to do summer school?

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Who Pays?

I ran into a really good friend of mine on Tues and we were talking and she said “let me ask you this.” Her in-laws are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary later this summer and her sister-in-law wanted to have … Continue reading

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What’s your take on this??

What does everyone think of this story?

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What do you think of homework?

Check out this article and tell us what you think. I’m a fan of homework as long as it’s not too much. I do think going over spelling words and grammar work and a few math problems is a good idea. Not … Continue reading

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Happy Friday, all! I hope you all enjoyed your week. I had a great week. It was spring break here for the kiddos, so I’ve been busy with them. The weather has been okay. At least we’re able to get outside. It’s been … Continue reading

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Longer School Day Is Bad For Kids

What do you think of this idea? Do you think kids should have more hours of school each day? Do you think it’s good now or do you think they should go less? What do you think of a 4 … Continue reading

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Family Christmas Photo’s Bloopers

Guess who’s cute little two these are?? She’s with us every single day. AND THE GRAND FINALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How funny are these and how cute are they??

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Do you do sleepovers?

I was sitting here listening to Live with Kelly this morning and the subject of sleepovers came up. There was an article in a newspaper they read from and I’ll be danged if I could make it out. I paused and rewound … Continue reading

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I don’t know what to think

This topic came up over at that “other” blog and I dug a little deeper and came up with this. Over “there” it was really a discussion of kids not being able to their own shoes and some of the … Continue reading

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Child throwing tantrum got family kicked off plane

Here’s the link to this story. I saw them on The Today Show this morning. Here’s the clip of that.  What do you think? If you watched this clip, the family starts about 2 minutes in. Would you want to … Continue reading

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Make an Impact

I believe we’ve talked about this before. I’d like to address it again, because I can’t remember what people thought of it. I received an email this morning from another baseball mom. Her son suffered traumatic brain injury due to a concussion during hockey, 7 weeks ago. … Continue reading

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The terrible stages

Jenny actually brought this up yesterday on our “family photo” joke. Only really, it’s not a joke. I know they’re having a rough time right now getting through the 4’s. My first born child was HORRIBLE at 15-16-17…. I have … Continue reading

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Teddy bears and blankies

Meet Teddy. This is Bailey’s bear that he’s had, probably since before he was even born. He’s been through a lot! He’s  needed many stitches, and is currently sporting two Band-Aids on his butt, awaiting more stitches. Doctors been busy! Teddy is sitting on … Continue reading

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21 Creative Consequences

I just came across this at Pinterest and it’s really worth a look for those of you with kids. I’ve done many of them and they do work.

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Expect the best


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Family kicked off flight

Have you read or heard this one? This family had 6 people. They “thought” three of the kids should ride for free because kids under 2 ride for free. The children riding for free had to sit in their parents lap. … Continue reading

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Cloud Dough

Ever hear of Cloud Dough? It’s a wonderful sensory activity for preschool children, (although it looks fun to me too!) Apparently, it feels like flour when it runs through your fingers, but molds like sand. Pretty cool huh?? Supplies: 8 cups of … Continue reading

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How to keep little girls, little girls a little longer

With the increasing sexualization of young girls in the media, “parents are re-examining the toddlers-and-tiaras Disney princess craze and whether little girls become little women too soon.” Short of sequestering them from the media, how do we protect our young … Continue reading

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How Do Hot Toys Get Picked?

How do toys end up on the “hot 15” and what makes a toy a holiday hit? Check this out and see what ToyRus had to say. It’s kind of interesting and it looks like the decision making is in … Continue reading

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3 Year Old Twins Beat Just Dance II On Wii

Check this out. It’s so cute.

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