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Synchronized Gymnastics

Ok, this is very cool. I’d vote for this to be in the Olympics! (it certainly beats pole dancing…)

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The New Graffiti

I was browsing around the web the other day, and I came across these before and after pictures: The statue, entitled “Solace  in the Wind”, stands at one of the harbors in Wellington, New Zealand, is just one of many … Continue reading

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Eagle Cam

I had to share this with you guys… during the minutes that I’ve had these past few weeks, I keep checking in.  This is an “EagleCam” – a camera mounted over an active Eagle’s Nest in Decorah, Iowa. Three eggs … Continue reading

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This, Too, Shall Pass

You’ve gotta watch it closely… in fact, I had to watch it several times to see everything that happened.  Watch it the first time just to absorb it, though.

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