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Family kicked off flight

Have you read or heard this one? This family had 6 people. They “thought” three of the kids should ride for free because kids under 2 ride for free. The children riding for free had to sit in their parents lap. … Continue reading

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Cheap Flights

My friend sent this to me, and I laughed until I cried.  Now I’m pestering my local PBS station to start showing their video, in the hopes that we can get the ladies to tour around here… (you might not … Continue reading

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Ho..Lee… Crap!!!

Watch this: Ok.  Got your breath back? Now, here’s the explanation: “This is a video of a stunt pilot who, in real life, is a Delta Airlines pilot.  His act at air shows is to pretend that he is a … Continue reading

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Are Airline Bag Fees A Ripoff?

I thought this would be good for a discussion. I was curious as to how everyone feels and this was written so well that I’m just using the story from WCCO . I couldn’t have done it justice. “We pay … Continue reading

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To fat to fly?

When this first became news I wasn’t going to write about it. I know we are, well a lot of us are anyway, trying to lose weight and I didn’t want to rub salt into any wounds but it’s just … Continue reading

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Pilots of wayward jet

I’m not really sure if all of you heard about this story right away or not but living in Minnesota, we were aware of it right away while it was going on. We kept hearing “pilots overflew Mpls airport and … Continue reading

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