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Memories of sharing

I started thinking about this the other day while I was trying to clean out one of the freezers in the basement. I saw apple perogies we made as a neighborly group last winter sometime. There must have been 10 … Continue reading

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The “Empty Nest”

I was talking to someone yesterday and my heart was breaking for her.  Her youngest daughter is graduating this year and heading off to college in the fall.  Her oldest son left two years ago so for the first time, … Continue reading

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We have had two news stories here very recently involving “tasers” and police officers.  Sadly, in both cases the perpetrators ended up dying.  Not from the tasers but from drugs they had taken.  Here’s the link if you are interested in … Continue reading

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Just trying to help

So I get home from work last night and go about my evening routine.  Check on the kids and go make supper.  Everyone is fed and cleaned and it’s time to head outside and tend to the animals.  As I go … Continue reading

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