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Laundry Secrets

Are you just a “throw it all together” type of doing laundry person or do you sort and pre-wash things? Are you persnickety about it? How much elbow grease do you put into your laundry? Do you pre-wash anything? Do you let things soak … Continue reading

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Missing Socks

I got inspired by this the other day on Facebook. Michael (mssc) said this: “Something is wrong with our washing machine. I just finished folding the clothes and the socks came out evenly! What’s up with that?” It brought me … Continue reading

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You’re Welcome

I just cut your laundry folding time in half!! And made it LOTS more fun.

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“New and Improved!”

I could just cry. I really could. Some people have told me this is no big deal. Just get something else but they simply DON’T understand. MY Downy is gone. Now all we have is the “New and Improved Downy.” … Continue reading

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Dividing Lines

I can’t even really believe this is happening. It’s such a good thing I live where I do. I couldn’t stand to have these silly rules and regulations to follow. Not to be able to hang my clothes outside????? WHY??? … Continue reading

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Ironing, where has it gone?

Does anyone iron anymore?  Do you?  Or did you never iron in the first place?  My mother in law used to iron everything.  From towels and sheets to all five of her kids clothes! Table cloths and hankies and all … Continue reading

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Things that mesmerize us

I have something to admit.  It’s rather embarrassing but I’m not alone. I’m going to drag my brother into it and now my husband!  You see, we like watching our clothes spin and agitate in the washing machine! Yes, we do!  I’m … Continue reading

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Question of the day

When was the last time you had to go to the laundromat?

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Checking pockets

Do you check pockets before you put your dirty clothes in the washer? What do you do with what you find? When my boys were young I told them over and over to check their pockets before putting their clothes … Continue reading

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