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The Curious Case of Barnes and Barclay

There is a fascinating case pending before a court in PA. In 1966, a police officer is shot during the apprehension of a suspect in a break-in.  The officer lives.  The suspect is tried and convicted of attempted murder and … Continue reading

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Legal private gun sales…what???

Jason and I watch this show called 30 Days. If you’ve never heard of it, it really is a great show. They take someone say, who eats meat and they put them in a household with members of PETA. It’s … Continue reading

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Single murder or double murder??

This is going on again in our local news.  Again!!  There was a woman shot through her front door, she was 8 months pregnant.  They are only looking at charging the guy for a single murder even though the baby didn’t survive.  … Continue reading

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