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Question of the Day

If you could pick any artist/band to play your birthday party for 50 of your friends, who would it be?

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Happy Easter from Laura

This is my very favorite Easter Song. I think it should be sung with this much passion and joy in every church across the land. Done to perfection by The Dubliners, I give you, “The Lord of the Dance”… (and … Continue reading

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The 50 Sexiest Songs

Do you agree with this list? I can’t really figure it out. There are songs on here I’ve never even heard of and in my opinion, a lot of my favorite “sexy” songs didn’t make the list. What about you? … Continue reading

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Holy cow. This is AMAZING. I thought I was cool when I’d get my parents wine glasses to “ring” on one pitch. This just boggles my mind. (and if they make you switch to YouTube to watch? Do it. You … Continue reading

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He’s got my vote!

Based on sheer vocal talent alone, Herman Cain has my vote for president! Only in America, people. I love this!

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A Musical Quandary

So here I am, a mom and a musician. And my quandary-of-the-week is… how do I deal with music and my son?  He is showing the same kind of love of music that his dad and I both have, that … Continue reading

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That Song that WON’T GO AWAY!!

“||: Oh, oh ,oh….  All the single girls say… If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it, if you like it you shoulda put a ring on it… Oh, oh, oh… : ||” (anyone familiar with … Continue reading

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Get It Right or Go Home

Most of you know that I’m a musician. Went to school for it and everything.   Because of that, I’ve spent a lot of time through the years teaching many young men and women to play music.  To read the notes, … Continue reading

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Quesiton of the Day

Do you listen to music when you exercise?  What are some of your favorite songs/tunes?

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A Demonstration of Class

I love this.  Most of the time, I’m irked during the National Anthem at professional sports events.  The crowd is so rowdy, they’re yelling and screaming so much that, unless it’s a full-out marching band, you can’t hear the song.  … Continue reading

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Happy Sunday

I just loved seeing this. Thanks Karen Joy for putting it on Facebook where I found it. This song has always given me the chills and the way they did this was neat.

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Why Are Jingles So Catchy?

Anyone seen this?? Now, if you can listen to that jingle and not have it get stuck in your head, I envy you. My youngest grandson sings this NON STOP and I can’t help but find it hilarious. He’s also … Continue reading

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Question of the day

What is your taste in music?

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Question of the day

Billy Joel or Elton John?

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What’s your favorite Michael Jackson song?

It’s very hard to pick a favorite MJ song but since this is on my iPod, I would call it my favorite. It can bring me to tears when I’m in “that” kind of a mood. Here it is if … Continue reading

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The coolest thing

Click on year, and when juke box comes up click whatever song you want. This is great, take a trip back in time and recall the good old days!     He MuSiC RooM  40’s JuKeBoX  1955 JuKeBoX  1956 JuKeBoX  … Continue reading

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Question of the day

Name a Song that always makes you sad?

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Question of the day

What CD is in your CD player right now?

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Easter Parade

Happy Easter Everyone.  This is one of my all time favorites.  Enjoy.  

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Happy Anniversary to us…Let’s ParTay

We’ve got the fire going so come on, enjoy the music, movies, games, food and do whatever you want to do. Joy’s Stuff javajunkee Pam Luisa Doraz Sue         Nikki Laura (LS) Ok… here we go. First, … Continue reading

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We’re having a party

Okay dear blogging friends and family.  Our one year blog anniversary is coming up on March 30 and we’re having a pajama parTAY.  Yep, an all nighter.  So, send me your pj’s and I thought we could each bring a … Continue reading

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Does anyone buy CD’s anymore?

  Do you buy CD’s anymore?  I really want to say “albums” but I know they are long gone so CD’s will have to do.  The reason I ask this is I’ve been guilty lately of just buying a song.  … Continue reading

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Stethoscope from mssc54

I got this from mssc54 and LOVED it.  It’s very cool.  Enjoy.  Happy Sunday everyone.    

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Feelin’ kinda Sunday

Every time I see this it cracks me up.  It is SO us.  Notice what color the guys as the end are wearing 🙂  

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Amazing Grace

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