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Photo a day

For those of you who know us on Facebook, you’ve seen Nikki and I posting a pic a day. You may not have seen the first notice and may wonder what it’s about. Another blogger friend of mine had it … Continue reading

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For Joy

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Lasting Memories Fading Fast

Looking through our old pictures is something we do every now and then. It’s fun to think about what life was like back then, and how it is now. Not only do you change personally but the times change, the … Continue reading

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Pet Peeve #832

I spent an incredible amount of time this weekend looking at prom pictures and one thing kept springing up in my mind. That big question is this, why do people take pictures of themselves ALL THE TIME? Take a look … Continue reading

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I was nervous just watching

 This is a case of  1 photographer photographing  2nd photographer. The following photos were taken by Hans van de Vorst from the  Netherlands  at the  Grand Canyon , Arizona  . The description s are his own. The identity of the photographer in the … Continue reading

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The itsy bitsy spider

I’m not sure what kind of spider this is.  It was in a bee balm plant in my mom’s garden tonight.  Kinda gross, huh?!

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Photo of the Day

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Photo of the Day

I asked Sue if she would put some of her new pictures on here. She recently got a new camera and is doing really well. At least I think she is. So we will be doing this every so often. … Continue reading

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Inside the Tube from Pam

  These incredible images were taken by the number 1 photographer of surf: Clark Little.  He has dedicated his life to photographing the waves and has published a selection of the best images of his career.  He captures magical moments … Continue reading

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