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What do you think?

I’m not even going to pretend to be neutral on this. I’m appalled. It makes me sick. Please go read the story and listen to what these police officers did without so much as knocking on these peoples doors to ask … Continue reading

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Does everything boil down to black or white?

I got this news story from my mom who heard it on the radio. I can’t even begin to write about it. Go read this and tell us what you think. I was raised that police officers are our friends … Continue reading

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Run in with the law

Well, I have a confession to make:(  This morning I was pulled over by the state patrol.  I was on my way to work and he got me.  I wasn’t running late, I didn’t roll through the stop sign, I … Continue reading

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We have had two news stories here very recently involving “tasers” and police officers.  Sadly, in both cases the perpetrators ended up dying.  Not from the tasers but from drugs they had taken.  Here’s the link if you are interested in … Continue reading

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