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The Secret Service Scandal

What do you think of this? Do you think these men should lose their jobs? Does it anger you? Repulse you? Embarrass you? What?

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Do Great Mothers Make Great Leaders?

Raising a family can’t be much different from leading a nation, can it? What skills do you think are needed to be the President of the USA? Do you think a mother would make a better President than a non … Continue reading

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White house party crashers

I’m sorry if you’re sick of the subject but it’s just not going away. It was on every single news broadcast that I watched today. Not even just news shows but shows like The View were talking about this today … Continue reading

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I HAVE DECIDED TO BECOME A WRITE-IN CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT IN THE YEAR 2012. HERE IS MY PLATFORM: (1). Any use of the phrase: ‘Press 1 for English’  is immediately banned. English is the official language; speak it or wait … Continue reading

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Cash for clunkers

I hate to sound unsympathetic to the auto industry but honestly, I just don’t get this whole “cash for clunkers” deal. I mean I get how it was “supposed” to work but it didn’t work that way did it? Here is a quote I found today … Continue reading

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