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Ads on Public Vehicles?

This has been coming up more and more lately, as budgets are squeezed – supposedly by the horrid economy. This particular story says that the city of Baltimore is considering putting advertising on the sides of their fire trucks, to … Continue reading

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Pay for Absence?

On one hand, we have schools paying kids for perfect attendance. And now, we have schools requesting a “donation” every time you keep your child home from school. Parents in Orange Unified School District (Orange County, CA) received a letter … Continue reading

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No American Flags on Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo, it turns out, was NOT the battle for Mexican Independence. It was a small battle in a small community in Mexico, and Corona Beer found out about it and turned it into a massive (beer drinking) holiday…. … Continue reading

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Language immersion schools

What do you guys all think about this? I do know quite a few Canadian parents who chose to immerse their kids in French schools but I’m not familiar with all of these languages. What a huge choice. What other languages … Continue reading

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Because ‘hold them accountable’ is Too Hard

Ok, this is one of those, “you have GOT to be kidding me. REALLY???” stories. Marshalltown is down near Des Moines, has around 27,000 residents. So it’s kind of a medium-ish town. At least in Iowa, it’s a medium-sized town. … Continue reading

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Old Glory Takes Another Beating

Frankie Girard is an 11-year old by from Orange, Massachusetts. One day, he noticed that another child (a Jehovah’s Witness) in his class was not saying The pledge with the rest of the class. So Frankie asked him why he … Continue reading

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Trouble in Wisconsin…how do you weigh in?

I don’t want to get all “political” on anyone or start a big war. Let’s even leave politics out of it. How do you feel about what’s going on in Wisconsin with the rioting and the senators all leaving the state to avoid voting … Continue reading

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What do you think?

Another installment of “What do you think?”

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Condom Outrage

Veterans Memorial Schools in Provincetown, Massachusetts, has unanimously passed a controversial new school policy.  All students, regardless of grade or age, will have access to free condoms.  All they have to do is ask.  And when they do ask, they … Continue reading

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Doing what’s right for ALL the kids

I’ve always stood behind public schools. Maybe because I worked in one for so many years. Maybe because I’ve had pretty good luck with them and my boys were happy there “for the most part.” I’m not really sure. It … Continue reading

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Wrong side of the Tracks

Everyone has heard that saying right? So and so is from the wrong side of the tracks. Well our town has that when it comes to our schooling and the price of living. Our town has roughly 15,000 people in … Continue reading

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Time out rooms in schools

When I saw this on the news the other night, my heart just about broke.  This poor little boy.  He’s a 4th grader and was put in one of these rooms for sometimes most of the day. The school “employee” … Continue reading

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