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Excessive Celebration or Prayer?

We’re all (ok, most of us) football fans, here. And all of our teams, Pro, College, HS, even PeeWee, have been on the receiving end of a bad call. We’ve all seen a game turn, for good or for bad, … Continue reading

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Do College Coaches Have Too Much Power?

After the Penn State ordeal, do you feel coaches have too much power over what goes on in colleges? Who do you feel should be in charge? Do you think colleges should be more about learning and less about sports? … Continue reading

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W. Oregon Sara Tucholsky first HR – ultimate sportsmanship

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We’re, most of us, football fans here.  So I have a question for ya.  Consider this video that has gone viral: Here’s the play, in a nutshell, because there isn’t a play-by-play: The play started on the play before.  The … Continue reading

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