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Make-Up Prices

When I saw this on the news last night it caught my interest immediately. Not because I wear a lot of make up because I wear almost none but I knew there would be a twist. Paul  asked me what store … Continue reading

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Acts of kindness or butting in?

This is a very personal story this time. I can’t get this out of my head and most of the time I wish I could go back and have a Mulligan, a do over. This is what happened last week … Continue reading

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Sock fetish

A few weeks ago I got some new socks at Target. They were Hanes and I really liked them. I’m ENORMOUSLY FUSSY a little particular about my socks so I was happy I found some that I liked. I used … Continue reading

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Target vs Walmart

I have to admit here, I used to be the biggest Targetaholic in the world.  I could even just go there to browse around if I was feeling down.  If I had a bad day when the kids were little, … Continue reading

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