Question of the day

When was the last time you went skinny dipping?

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19 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Joy says:

    This hugely makes me laugh. I’m the world’s biggest prude. I am very shy when it comes to stuff like this. I have only skinny dipped once. REALLY…I have my own pool and live where nobody ever comes and have never even done it in my own pool!! Just so you know! We did this one night at our cabin when there had been a lot of alcohol consumed and it was so funny. My sister in law wanted to do it and it did feel good to swim naked but it was like once we were in the water, nobody could see anything, it was a “midnight cruise” and once we got back in the boat, girls to the back and boys to the front and towels were covering everyone. It was funny. I mean really, who wants to see their brothers and sisters in laws with no clothes on??? NOT ME!!!

  2. SKL says:

    I did it once too, when I was 13. Don’t tell my parents! Nobody could see me but I still felt the fun was not worth the worry.

  3. Amber says:

    I love to skinny dip. Last time was about a year ago. Ill probably do it more once we get a jacuzzi for outside though 🙂

  4. Sue says:

    Not ever and I will never. With my luck someone that I didn’t want to see me naked would and I can’t handle that!!

  5. Smilf says:

    I could lie and say never, but instead I will be honest and say on my honeymoon on a deserted beach. Shhh….

  6. Joy says:

    Smilf, we won’t tell a soul…oh wait, the Mpls Star and Tribune is calling, I’ll be right back 🙂

  7. nikki says:

    I can’t say I have. Jason has tried to get me to do it down at our beach but…NO THANKS!!! The little sunny’s would nibble on places I don’t think would be very cool!!

  8. K. Trainor says:

    Ummmm….on our 10th anniversary trip to Jamaica. (Nude beach) But that was a few pounds ago. lol!

  9. Jane says:

    I cannot tell a lie. Yes, we do it quite often actually. We have a few gravel pits on our property and we go there. There’s pretty much no way we can get caught. By strangers anyway. We’re so used to it and it’s a group of us that we’ve known our entire lives. Sometimes it’s just us girls.

  10. kweenmama says:

    I’ve never done it. I’m waaay to shy.

  11. darryl says:

    I did it once with the ex wife probably about 30 years ago. It was exiting but what was funny we saw something on the beach as we were going in the water and to our surprise there was another couple there swimming, no words were exchanged and they left kinda fast.

  12. Jennifer says:

    I’ve done it on a few occasions. Quite often in high school. There’s actually a section of waterfalls in my town that level out to some nice shallow pools called “Bare-Ass Beach” all the high school kids had been going there for probably 40 years at least.

    I think I might have gone once with my husband…but I’m not sure he was my husband at the time….isn’t it horrible that I don’t even remember????

    I haven’t done it since kids. I’m not that comfortable with my body anymore.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Oh…and BTW Joy….I like the photo of the goldfish…. 😉 Hopefully you didn’t do a search in Google for ‘skinny dipping photos’

  14. Joy says:

    Jen, the place where I have an account for my pics, I did put in skinny dipping and you WOULDN’T believe what I found!! I was wondering who would put those kinds of pics on their blog!? So then I searched for swimming!! I liked the goldfish too.

  15. candi says:

    The last time was in my hot tub, last winter, I think it was, I almost did it at state last year with Jay, and Phils girlfriend, but the bottom of the pond was too icky.

  16. Jason says:

    I can’t. scare the fish. Worms aren’t naturally this big…………….

  17. Joy says:

    You are to F***** up Jason. I didn’t give birth to you!!!! Someone switched babies!

  18. Tosha says:

    ive done it many times but not anytime lately

  19. SanityFound says:

    ROFL @ Joy sheeesh what a cool mom

    Between you and me I love skinny dipping – the last time though *ahem* was when, ok fine not very long ago at all but lets just say yeaaaars back… a whole bunch of us went away to chalet’s in the mountains and there was a locked private pool… we climbed over the fence and started swimming (after a couple of bottles of good wine)…

    We were caught by security … costumes on the opposite side of the pool

    … not pretty

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