Keep your pants up in Chicago

I will admit I’m not fond of this look but I just figured I was getting old.  But make sure to pull up your pants in Chicago.  They now have a $25 fine if you can see more than three inches of your underwear.  As I was researching this, I was made aware that it’s like this in many other cities.  I had no idea.  Where have I been??  Under a rock I guess.

Wow!!  To think of the horror!  I’m not sure how these boys or girls that wear these pants this way can even begin to feel comfortable.  I would so worry about them falling off.  While most “fashions” by teens come and go, this one has been around for such a long time.  I thought it would be gone by now.

But, to have a fine and make it a law??  I don’t get that one bit.  Isn’t there a lot more we should be worrying about with our kids and our teens than whether we can see their undies???

What’s your view?

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14 Responses to Keep your pants up in Chicago

  1. SanityFound says:

    Perhaps it is more a question of them pants falling off and what is bared to unsuspecting kids walking past. Don’t know, this fashion was here but has thankfully gone – my question is how on earth do they walk??? I mean is that why they all walk like ducks or what? Argh I don’t know I have to agree there are better things to spend time and energy on. How would people feel if we wore our bra’s and a top that was open till just under them? Ooo Joy I think we’re gonna be rich we can sell this idea to the fashionista’s!

  2. darryl says:

    This one really bugs me, How on earth can anybody think this looks good. but if you turn on MTV you will see plenty of this also most of them there hat is on sideways also. I saw on the news that now these people are claiming prejudice because most of the people wearing there pants like this are black males.

  3. SKL says:

    On one hand, hey, at least they have underwear on. I never did understand why it’s OK to be nearly completely naked on the beach, and then if you show the same skin to the same people somewhere else, it’s indecent.

    Personally I wouldn’t be caught dead like that and my kids had better never let me catch them like that.

    I don’t like the idea of my kids seeing someone’s underwear up and down the street, but there are a lot of other “fashions” that I find just as stupid / offensive that are tolerated. When I was a kid, the fashion was see-through blouses for girls. If you had enough money to waste, you could go to school with your bra visible to everyone! Yay! I think they eventually banned them in our school. But I don’t believe they ever made a law against them anywhere. (Then again, how would I know? They didn’t have internet or cable news in those days . . . .)

    I’ve heard that about the “racism” aspect, too. I don’t know. I have some thoughts about that – I feel it could have been motivated by subconscious thoughts about “black” gangs. But honestly, I never did get the whole “ban gang styles” thing. If you let kids wear their belt a certain way in school, they are going to rape someone? And if you don’t, they aren’t? How about throwing them in the slammer for 20 years every time they try it? Why can’t we be direct and make the punishment fit the crime any more?

    But anyway, I am not going to get my BP up over this law. If I have to see less booty, I’m fine with that. I think we worry too much about youths’ rights when nobody is making sure they get what they really, really need – an education and a sense of responsibility.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I agree Joy that seems strange to make an actual LAW over it offensive fashion…otherwise I’d love to see a law against purple stretch pants, those snap at the crotch bodysuits worn on the OUTSIDE of your clothing (yes I’ve SEEN this!), mullets and dozens of other fashion statements that I find equally appalling…

    I just sigh to myself and say “This too shall pass” and leave it be…I certainly wore my share of ridiculous clothing as a teen.

    I remember being in Best Buy one day while my husband was buying some piece of electronics. She had to unlock a case for us and when she bent down in front of us we saw her entire thong. Needless to say Chuck and I both took a step back.

  5. SKL says:

    I was also gonna say – (a) why 3 inches? That’s more than half of their underwear. If we need to allow 3 inches, why bother about the other 2? (b) why not just wear your patterned or colored boxers, without pants, if you want to show it off that badly? I bet that’s not against the law. (c) Why is the kid in the picture wearing a belt??? (d) Please tell me I wasn’t that stupid when I was young.

    I am really surprised this “fashion” didn’t die out a long time ago. It is probably because it’s getting more attention than other ill-conceived fads.

  6. Joy says:

    SKL, I thought the same exact thing about the belt!! It’s got to be the pants would fall off without it! LOL!

    Sanity, I’ve noticed the waddle too. Like a duck. Perfectly said.

  7. Hey Joy:

    Not sure about the law and the fine part, I do agree that I find the look annoying, but that being said, at least they have underwear on, some of it is pretty funky and cool looking!!! And, yep, I have seen that classic duck walk/waddle also; how else could you? It must be torture on one’s posture…LOL…..

  8. Joy says:

    Hi Vanessa, glad you stopped by my blog. Please come again. Thanks.

  9. Tosha says:

    I saw a lady the other day that had her pants riding down so low on her arse with a g string on Her buttcheeks were showing.. I guess the only way that her pants stayed up is that they were tied with a string.. .. I had to place myself between her and my children because they were giggling and making a big deal out of it.. It was pretty disgusting..
    I don’t understand why men or women wear clothes like that..

  10. K. Trainor says:

    I blogged on this one day, too.

    I can’t fathom why they think it’s attractive; especially when they have to hold their belt up with one hand at all times.

    But. I think this is a parental issue, not a legal one. I don’t want a government entity telling my kids how to dress. Telling them myself what is and is not appropriate, however, is a different story.

  11. Amber says:

    Yay!!!! Who wants to see these kids butt cracks! Im all for it! While they are at it…ban the girls wearing their pants so low with the g-strings hanging out too…. revolting!

  12. Jane says:

    I’m with the rest of you. I can’t stand the way this looks. It just looks so stupid. I don’t get it. The low pants and the belt?? I’m not a fan of it. A law though, I think there are much more serious things and once you start telling people what to wear/not wear, they seem to want to all the more. I agree with you Joy, this has been a fad a long time.

  13. Ali says:

    I don’t get either and really find it revolting. But a law?? Not sure. I see this so often in L.A. that it’s become almost common. I don’t even think I notice it anymore.

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