Maui Mornings

027Aloha everyone!  Well, you asked for pic’s of Toby and I so here ya go!  I’m kinda glad you asked because I didn’t realize we didn’t have any together yet!

Today we decided to drive up the Haleakala crater on the East side of Maui.  We did not leave before dawn because Toby didn’t want to drive up in the dark.  No big deal I thought, I don’t want to drive in the dark either.  I guess to see the sunrise from up there is amzaing.  Haleakala mountain stands at over 10,000 feet above sea level.  At the summit is the Haleakala crater with incredible views and freezing temperatures.  Unfortunately, we didn’t find out for ourselves.  The drive up is 20mph max, hairpin corners and there’s not always a guardrail on the outside to catch you if you are out of control!  We started up the mountain and figured it wasn’t so bad, but the higher we climbed the worse it got.  It’s slow going and quite frankly, scary!  Toby is usually the one to get motion sickness, but let me tell you….I was not feeling well either!  We made it to 5,000 feet above sea level and just couldn’t take any more.  The whole time we were going up, Toby kept saying “man, we have to come back down!”.  The corners; ugh, they were so sharp!  There are one lane bridges where you can’t see if there’s someone coming until you’re on the other side.  I’m very bummed that we didn’t make it to the top, but on the way down we met a tour bus going up and he almost shmucked us on a corner!  At least we tried I guess.






After that little adventure, we decided to head down to the south shore and check out the beaches there.  Oh my, they were beautiful!  We were lucky to find a parking spot on the street that was free and right next to the public beach.  The sun was out and it was hot.  Perfect beach weather.  Toby went snorkeling and I chilled out on the beach.  The water was freezing (if you ask me!  Toby thought it was great!) so I didn’t actually swim.  I’ll save that for tomorrow when we go on our snorkeling tour.  The beach filled up fast and we stayed until early afternoon.  We both got some color today, but no sunburns!  Yippy! 


We ate dinner here at the resort’s beachfront cafe and was that ever relaxing!  Except for the gnats, it was prefect.  Prices here, we think, aren’t that much worse than home.  Groceries are maybe a couple of bucks more and dinner was about the same as eating at a nice restaurant. 

toby-and-sue-on-deckWe are having a really good time but I’m really starting to miss the kids and when it comes time to come home, I’ll be ready.  Until next time, Aloha.


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7 Responses to Maui Mornings

  1. Joy says:

    I love the pics. It’s to bad you couldn’t go up the mountain but I’d have been puking too. Toby looks like he’s having fun. It’s funny to think of you guys swimming in the dead of winter. It’s supposed to be in the 30’s today! WOOOHOOO!

  2. Doraz says:

    Sue and Toby, great photos! Makes me want to go back to Maui! The water looks very inviting! I agree with you Sue, some of those roads are~~~~well, like you described! WOW!

  3. tessa says:

    Cute pictures!!! You guys are such a cute couple 🙂 Beautiful, clear pics. If you think that mountain road is bad, you have not been up HWY 101 on the California coast!!! It is scary like you described-no rail-steep cliff-very narrow road there is no where on the side to pull over even, and scary bikers are constantly riding their bicycles on the skinny side.

    I want to go!! Gorgeous Hawaii.

  4. tessa says:

    Oh, and you have a nice golden tan I’d say Sue 😉 I don’t think I get that much color even, I tell people I am tan for me, but only I can tell or people very close to me!!

  5. starlaschat says:

    Thanks for the photo update. I’m glad your having so much fun. Nothing like some good RnR. Relax splash enjoy the sights warm water and wonderful smelling flowers. I’m sure you will be home before you know it. So Enjoy…

  6. mssc54 says:

    Tired of Paradise already?! lol

  7. paul says:

    Sue i have never seen you that color before looks great!!!

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