They’re B-A-C-K

I was so happy about a month ago when it occurred to me that we hadn’t had nearly the Asian beetles or box elder bugs that we’ve had in the past. I should have known better but I think I may have even said it out loud. Well, never mind……they’re back and with a vengeance.

They’re everywhere. I can vacuum them from all the windows and by the time I’m done, I could start all over. They are EVERYWHERE.

I know that all critters will try to come inside for the winter where it’s warm. Our little Miss Maddie has even gotten a couple of mice lately and I think she’s maturing. She now only brings the mice up when they’re almost dead so they haven’t gotten away from her.

But these dang bugs! The Asian beetles. I hate them because they will bite you. It’s more like a little sting or a little burning feeling. But the box elder! They’re just plain creepy. I can see no useful purpose for them. This was the Good Question the other night. Do they any ANY redeeming qualities?? Sadly, NO! Box elder bugs only annoy us. But like the lady in the new story. I’ve had that in the dead of winter when I’m drinking a cup of coffee and there, in my coffee cup is a one of these bugs!

Do you have these where you live? What kind of critters do you have trying to get into your house for the long winter ahead?

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11 Responses to They’re B-A-C-K

  1. Jenny says:

    Not only do those asian beetles bite but they stink too! Nasty smelling things. The box elder bugs are just annoying. They don’t harm anything, I guess they do when they poop all over your house siding! I like to just flick the bugs away. As far as the mice go, ISH! I hate the thought of having mice in the house. But somehow they always get in.

    • Joy says:

      Those stupid asian beetles have ruined three blinds I had. They were a light butter color and they left orange-ish stains behind them. I hate them!

  2. Karen Joy says:

    Oh my.I feel for you!I wouldnt do well with those in my house.Where are they coming in through?I dont believe we have those bugs,never seen then anyhow.Its spiders I am having trouble with,SO many this year and they are HUGE!!Totally freak me out.I do NOT like bugs AT all.In my house in any form!Mice I do my best to keep them out,I”m always yelling at my hubby to hurry and close the door!I’m terrified of them!Im still having problems with those crazy “fruit”flies,if thats what they are.I need to go crazy with the raid.We went to Red Lobster today and those darn things were in there too!Anyhow,I think I need to get off this subject as its right before bed and now I’ll be dreaming about BUGS!!!Goodnight!

    • Joy says:

      You don’t have many box elder tree’s in Manitoba Karen. When I lived there I couldn’t believe how nice it was not to have them take over the house. When Audra was here 3 years ago Tyler called them the American bugs!! They’re worse in the fall than any other time and I think they go dormant in the siding or somewhere because you can get a nice sunny day in the middle of winter and all of a sudden you’ll see a few in the windows.

  3. shanef says:

    In the last couple weeks I’ve seen tons of box elder bugs and fruit flies.
    Neither of the two will bite you but there very annoying. Thank god the Asain Beetles aren’t bad around here, those things will fly right at you and bite you.

  4. Urgh! I can’t imagine having bugs like that all around! I would freak out…. I have serious issues with creepy-crawlies of the insect variety. Snakes I’m fine with, spiders too, but six-legs make me shiver with the ick-factor.

    It’s the opposite here, though – we only get flies and mosquitoes and other bugs during the summer, and in the winter everything’s dormant!

  5. Laura says:

    We just had a major black-fly invasion, and right now we’re smack in the middle of it raining Japanese Beetles. For those who don’t know them… they look just like ladybugs, only they’re evil. They bite, they have no fear (I don’t know, does a bug actually feel fear??), and they’ll dive-bomb you. I have them all over the house. I do a vacuum, and 20 minutes later, the floor is littered with them again. It’s not so much nasty, because I’m ok with Mother Nature, but it sure is frustrating to clean, and have the place be a mess a half hour later.

    Not so much trouble with the Box Elders – they tend to stay outside, and we don’t have many of them around here. For whatever reason, they seem to stick to the Big City. They’ve been wicked down in Cedar Rapids, but here, not so much. I see a few now and again, but it’s an anomaly when I do.

    The other “vermin” we’ve had in the past is bats. Yes, I have bats in my belfry. This house is pretty porous, I’m learning, and they get in through several pinhole-sized openings around the eaves. But over the summer, one of them died, and I haven’t heard the telltale squeaking, so maybe they found a better place to live. I sure hope so. Because I’ve seen and smelled (not here) the effects of bat guano, and it’s not pretty. Don’t get me wrong, I *heart* bats – they’re fascinating little critters that help control the population of mosquitos, I just don’t want them living in my house.

    The mice… they stick to the garage. I know they’re in there, and I accept it. I live in the country. It’s expected. But they stay out there, so I’m good. And I cultivate spiders – they also eat the nasty bugs. The spiders are welcome in my home as long as I don’t see them in the shower, or lowering themselves on their web over my bed.

  6. Nikki says:

    We have both Asian Beetles and Box Elders. Some get in, but not very many. We are having a problem with fruit flies. We tried Raid last week, and they are still coming back. I think maybe they hatched somewhere, and we’re going to have to deal with them until they’re all done hatching. But damn are they annoying!!!!! I have never had a problem with them, and they just make me feel dirty. If I clean anymore, I’ll be scrubbing the paint off the walls! No mice, so far…that I know of.

    They are all a huge pain in my butt though! I try to take my 2 year old girl I nanny for outside, and the bugs freak her out. So, we’re usually coming in after only 10 minutes because she just scream every time she sees a dang bug! UGH…please GO AWAY ALREADY!!!!!

  7. starlaschat says:

    A couple of months ago I saw a whole bunch of these little bugs. I was so shocked I couldn’t believe they were like a blanket of bugs very very gross. I’m glad we don’t have them in yard we have grasshoppers near by very large red ones. Makwa likes to run and chase them it been great this Summer it’s been really good for her health getting to much exercise. I don’t know what we will do in the Winter.

  8. SKL says:

    This fall (knock on wood) we don’t seem to have any horrible insect infestations. There have been times when we’ve had a lot of ants, ladybugs, and whatever else. A couple weeks ago we had a huge number of some little flies around, but they disappeared as fast as they came.

    My problem has been 4-legged critters sneaking in the holes in the foundation and camping out in the basement. From tiny mice to whole families of raccoons. I did a bunch of work a couple months ago to scare them out and try to block any more from coming in. But we still have a nasty smell off and on in the basement, so I don’t know if I trapped something in and it died, or there are other holes I didn’t block, or what. I’m just exhausted with worrying about it. This past weekend we had houseguests. I had it to the point where there was no nasty smell anywhere, on Friday morning. A few hours later, I was informed the place smelled again. Dang! I don’t know what to do at this point. I can’t spend my life playing exterminator. Plus, some of the smells come in from outside, and it’s not always easy to tell which is which. Anyhoo, those are my critter woes. We also get birds in our attic, but they don’t bother me much. (Maybe we have bats up there too – I don’t know. I think I need to think about something else now.)

  9. kweenmama says:

    We can get box elder bugs, but not many. Thank goodness. Spiders are starting to enter the house, and I hate that! Right now I am just counting my blessings that I don’t live in Phoenix like my sister. Friday night she got stung by a scorpion when she got up to go to the bathroom and stepped on the nasty thing. Apparantly that is a horrible pain to deal with!

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