I am, at the very least responsible for ONE post a week on this blog, and I totally forgot this week! >< So, that goes to show you what kind of day I had. My mind is elsewhere. Sorry, Ma! 😉

HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope everyone had  a good week. I have so much shopping to do. I got some Christmas shopping done online today, and the rest will be finished Saturday. I want to hit up a few stores, and hopefully finish it up. But, I know me, and I’ll still be shopping late next week. Oh, well.

Bailey is spending the whole weekend at his grandma and grandpa’s. Have FUN!!!! (I am a tad jealous) 🙂 What am I going to do without him for 2 days?! Oh yeah, shop and wrap!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. mssc54 says:

    Well you don’t have to wrap mine. My shipping address hasn’t changed either. 😉

  2. SKL says:

    Hi! I was wondering if Friday was being postponed – glad that’s not the case!

    So this week didn’t go exactly as planned. Miss E decided to get sick in school on Wednesday, which meant I had to pick both kids up early, and Miss E had to stay home on Thursday. She wasn’t really sick – I don’t know what that was all about, but anyway. It was kind of nice to spend some one-on-one quality time for a change, but I had a huge deadline on Thursday, so I had to keep her in the background a lot. I noticed that she is not capable of thinking for long without talking, LOL. I told her to go take a nap in her bed, but she promised that she would sleep in my room and not make a peep. Ha ha! She blabbed (in a quiet voice, admittedly) about every topic under the sun while her so-called nap was going on. It was actually quite amusing.

    The other day I had a meeting downtown. Stupid me forgot my wallet – and I didn’t realize this until after I dropped off the car in valet parking. I didn’t have a penny on me, no bank card, no nothing. Luckily the host of the meeting has a policy to cover parking via a validation ticket, so aside from not being able to tip, I got through that OK. The speaker was supposed to be one of my ex-bosses from my previous employer, but he canceled at the last minute. Oh well, at least there was a free lunch and an excuse to not be productive for a few hours.

    So far this week, I’ve done a lot of work in the wee hours. This may end up being my pattern for a while. At last count, I have over 14 days worth of work to get done before Christmas. Ha! At least I did get a few projects out the door this week.

    I brought up the kids’ Christmas stuff from the basement, and we’ve been going through the books. Also, today is the kids’ school Christmas party, so we packed a bunch of goody bags last night. One more thing to check off the list. I still have some Christmas shopping to do. I feel like kicking myself because I went to Wal-Mart the other day (the girls needed black clothes for Sunday’s church play) and I missed the opportunity to pick up those miscellaneous gifts you buy for miscellaneous women. You know, like the “spa kits” in a gift box, etc. I don’t know what happened to my brain, other than the usual distractions of being in a hurry, having hungry kids who needed the bathroom, etc.

    I still haven’t done anything for my parents’ gifts. My sister (who practically lives with them) sent me a list of ideas, but I hardly had a chance to glance at it. I’m also having second thoughts about whether I have enough individual gifts for my kids. Their big gifts are all to be shared. I know they will get plenty of stuff from other people. I think a few stocking stuffers should round it out OK, but since they are always with me outside of work hours, I don’t know how I’m going to pull that off. I also want to get their new guitar tuned and pick up a beginner lesson book, but I may have to either outsource that or do it after Christmas.

    Our non-routine weekend plans are to go see the Nutcracker on Saturday and do the church play on Sunday. (My kids are gonna be black sheep, ha ha!)

    The weather has been kinda crappy this week – a lot of rain, a little snow, and a few bouts of balmy weather during times when nobody can enjoy it anyway. Should be interesting to see what next week brings. (Hey people, do you know next weekend is CHRISTMAS?!)

    Have fun, everyone!

  3. Laura says:

    Next week is Christmas. Heaven help me, we don’t even have our tree yet!! I’m hoping that will be tomorrow’s job. We have a tree farm about five miles from us, so I plan to head over there and get one. It doesn’t have to be big, just real. For a change.

    So before I can get the tree, I have to rearrange our living room. Usually, this is not a problem, just a matter of nudging a couple of chairs out of the way, but this year, Hobbes is living in a giant dog crate, which is right in the spot where the tree is supposed to go. And we have a bigger kitchen table this year, so I’m not really sure how I’m going to handle it.

    My parents are coming next weekend. I only have a few of my gifts purchased (and two of them have been on backorder for like two weeks, I got word that they shipped yesterday). I have several that need to be shipped out, but that requires “some assembly” and packaging them up first. This weekend, we’re going Christmas SHopping, which has the potential to cause me a massive breakdown, too. Steve *really* hates shopping on the best of days, and gets very impatient after about an hour in the store, so he’s ready to go home almost immediately. Josh likes to meander through toy sections, dreaming, and I like to go into a LOT of different stores and let the places inspire me as to who would want what. It doesn’t make for a very good afternoon when you have a lot of different personalities trying to accomplish the same goal…

    Josh’s last day is Wednesday. Which means that, I at least have to have his stuff done and wrapped by then.

    Oh, and I have a Den Meeting on Tuesday, that I still haven’t planned…. I’d better get moving.

    • Joy says:

      I wonder what Mr. Hobbes is going to think of the tree??? LMAO already with him knowing karate chops and can kung foo walls!

    • Joy says:

      I know it does that to a lot of cats. All my life I’ve had at the minimum of 2 cats and NONE of them ever did anything to our tree. I got so lucky! Now then, I had a cockapoo once who opened our presents, found hers and ate her treat! As funny as it sounds now, I was NOT impressed at the time. I had to re-wrap everything.

      • Laura says:

        Oh, that’s ALL I need. Josh has been in a very “challenging” place this week, culminating in a complete breakdown – by mom – this morning. I was so mad that I left and went for a walk, because he missed the bus (funny how laying on your floor for 45 minutes without getting dressed will do that) and I was so furious that I couldn’t stay in the house.

        So add a “feral” cat to that mix? and I may just go for a sail around the proverbial bend….

        • SKL says:

          Oh, I know exactly how you feel! WHY do they do that??

          • SKL says:

            “Sweetie, it’s not time to play now, it’s time to get dressed.

            Sweetie, I’m glad you like your toys/books, but it’s time to get dressed now.

            Girl, do I seriously need to tell you again to stop that and get dressed?

            DO you want a spanking?


            [kiss] Now you have a good day today.”

      • Joy says:

        Oh that would tick me right off!

        • Laura says:

          oh, my gosh. You have no idea. I’m so overwhelmed right now, and that was the last thing I needed. I swear, the kid goes through phases… like a week on and a week off. This week is crazy – refusing to do ANYTHING, and being pokey about it when he does. THen all of a sudden, he’s Mr. HelpyPants, wanting to do EVERYTHING.

          Well, today was one of those “i’m not doin NUTHIN” days, as evidenced by the 45 minutes on the floor. Even taking away our bowling trip tonight didn’t work!! (he’s been begging me to take him bowling for two weeks. We WERE going to go tonight, since the bowling alley is ONLY open on Friday nights) So now, he’s got no bowling, no legos, no cars, no DS for the day, at least… he’s pretty much reduced to coming home and sitting on his bed. After I cooled off a little (a half hour walk in 18 degree weather in nothing but a sweatshirt will do that for ya), I gave him the opportunity to earn back one of the toys, but he has to be STELLAR at school, which has been a problem this week, too. Oh, the joys of O.D.D.

          And THEN, I get home from dropping him off at school, I’m making some breakfast for myself, and I get a phone call. From school. “Mom?” ( I grit my teeth) “Yes?” “I’m not in trouble!!… I just needed to let you know that wrestling was cancelled this afternoon, so should I take the bus?” I had to laugh. The kid sure knows himself and his mom, starting with “I’m not in trouble!” He KNEW I was waiting for it!!

          I hope he does better today. I’m so far behind… I don’t need another battle when he gets home.

  4. Joy says:

    Happy Friday. Nikki did worry me last night but I know her and Laura sometimes like to yank my chain and will jokingly make me think they forgot a post and will put it in at the last minutes so I didn’t call Nikki till about 9:15!! LOL!!!! You sure did get a nice one in toot sweet!

    I’ve been pretty busy this week but it’s been “at home” busy stuff. I’m caught up on wrapping. I finished that last night. I knew with Bailey coming, I didn’t want all that stuff laying around. Our house is too small to have a bunch of stuff laying around. Boy do my cats ever love it when I bring out all the wrapping stuff. They both try getting under bags and attacking ribbons. I laughed so hard last night. But I do suspect a few more things should get here today so I may have to drag the stuff back out for a few more minutes. I really do love to wrap when I’m doing it. I don’t know why I put it off. Probably because it looks like such a mess!

    I’m excited to see Bailey and have him sleep over. It seems like so long since he’s been here and he’s grown a ton. All three of the kids have really grown since school started. I’m not sure what all we’ll do but most likely we’ll go shopping tomorrow. Maybe walk the little stores in Annandale. Whatever he wants to do. I’ll have to see what Toby and Sue are up to. It would be fun if the kids could get together for a while.

    That’s it for me. I have the tail end of a cold. But I figure, who doesn’t have a cold of some kind?? Have a great weekend all.

  5. Laura says:

    Ok, I’m all excited, and it might be for naught, but I just heard on the radio that…. THEY OVERTURNED THE LIGHTBULB BAN!!!! I DON’T HAVE TO USE THOSE STUPID CURLY-CUES ANYMORE!!!!! OH how I hate those CFLs! My in-laws broke one when I was at their house, and we had to open up the place and almost had to call a haz-mat team. It was appalling.

    Oh, I hope it’s true. I like the old fashioned incandescents. I particularly like them at Christmas – I like the old light strings. The new ones are harshly colored. This will be a great day, if that story was true and I get my old fashioned bulbs back!

  6. SKL says:

    I just got done writing a recommendation for an ex-subordinate to get into a Masters program. It took me an hour and a half! Today was the deadline, so I’m glad I started it when I did. But now, I have a lot to do in little time!

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