I’m only seventeen

Grandpa and JasonThe first time I read this story was thirteen years ago. I was eighteen at the time and living with my grandpa. I came up from my room one morning to find the newspaper opened up to this story, like someone had intentionally left it there for me to read. I just happened to come across it the other day after Nicole was going through some old pictures.

My grandpa is still probably the only person in this world I do not want to disappoint. Why, I don’t know. I just wish he was still involved with my life as much as he used to be. But that was then, this is now, we all have  busier lives.

This article has been laminated in my box of pictures for thirteen years waiting for when my son will be jumping behind the wheel of my car. So as another summer starts, people being more free to roll down the windows and turn up the radio, read this and tell someone you love how much you love them and please pay attention to all your surroundings.

To this day I can’t read this without getting tears in my eyes.

Please God, I’m only 17.

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6 Responses to I’m only seventeen

  1. Joy says:

    This is very touching Jason and I remember this time. You were really going through something crappy. I also agree with you that when you lose contact with someone, it sucks. I know it happens but it’s very painful. But your right, that was then and this is now.

    I will print this out just to hang on to it. I’m so glad you saved the one Grandpa gave you.

  2. nikki says:

    This article has been in our box of pictures for the last 10 years. Every once in awhile I’ll go through them and I will come across it. It’s very powerful, and I will have my son and nieces and nephew read it when that time comes. I remember the first time I read it it gave me chills and I have a hard time reading it now. I hope EVERYONE prints it out and holds on to it. And also I would like to add Jason, I know what your grandpa means to you, we named our son after him after all, and he’s the one person you are always so afraid of disappointing. I’m pretty sure he’s proud of you, how could he not be? You are one of the hardest workers, a great husband and an outstanding dad. Love you;)

  3. Jane says:

    This is great Jason. My grandma gave me this clip when I got my driver’s license and I still have it. It gets me teary too. I will also pass it on.

    Since I’ve gotten married and had my son I’ve lost track of a certain person and it hurt me very badly. I’ve still not gotten over it and it was something so dumb that caused it but it’s like it can’t be fixed for whatever reason. I guess we just have to move on and go forward and cherish the memories we have.

  4. Ali says:

    Jason, you sure do seem to make me feel emotional. I loved this. I printed it out and love the red background and fonts. Is that picture for real? Is that you and your grandpa?? If so, LOVE IT! You guys always use the best pics to accompany your posts.

  5. Joy says:

    Yes Ali, that is Jason’s grandpa, my dad. This pic was taken on a trip to Canada that my dad took Jason on to visit my his family. Notice, no seatbelts???? No protesting, it’s just the way it was.

  6. jderickson says:

    many games of cribbage were played in many cars on many trips to great grandmas house. I also flew for my first time with grandpa, I got to start the plane and I also got a hockey puck from the the Minnesota North Stars. I still have the hockey puck and many memories that will never be forgotten

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