Kids Korner

What’s your favorite holiday?

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12 Responses to Kids Korner

  1. SKL says:

    A & E & SKL: Christmas!!

  2. Amber says:

    Alex likes Christmas – cause she likes to see the firemen when we go to give toys for toys for tots! She also still likes Santa (much to her 13 year old embarrassment).

  3. shane says:

    I’m not a kid, but I act like one sometimes. So I’m gonna respond to this. 4TH OF JULY! It’s summertime,carnivals,fireworks,baseball,and oh yeah the day I usually celebrate my birthday. Man that would of been cool being born of the 4th of July!

  4. Joy says:

    I really like Easter. The thought of spring is so nice.

  5. Just a Mom says:

    I’m with you Joy, I love Easter. Seeing everyone in their Easter Best at church is my favorite. And who doesn’t like a good old Easter Egg hunt?!

  6. j$ says:

    fathers day. the only day I have the right to be lazy.

  7. Sue says:

    Trinity says her birthday and Christopher says Easter (although I think Trin planted that idea in his head!)

  8. Sue says:

    Mine would be any that I’m not on call:)

  9. nikki says:

    Bailey says his Birthday and I say 4th of July because you’re with friends and/or family just having fun. Carnivals, good food, fireworks and playing yard games. Oh I can’t wait…3 more days. I tried having Bailey on the 4th but he didn’t cooperate so he came on the 8th.

  10. candi says:

    Oh girl you forgot to mention, hours of softball, lol. See ya this thursday or Friday, or i am sure I will see you sometime this weekend. What time or day are you going on rides at the carninal.

  11. Olivia: Christmas, because you get presents.

  12. Jane says:

    Bud says Santa so I guess that means Christmas!

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